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After writing my list of the 9 projects I have on the go, (click HERE), it has helped me to become focused.

The 2 sections of squares became the little zipper pouch.  DONE!   And, I think it’s super cute!  (Thank you Cathy for the package of squares!)

I fixed the table runner that was short of batting on one end and short of backing on the other.  It’s now trimmed and the binding is cut and ready to sew on.  I backed it with Christmas fabric, so that it would have a dual purpose.  It’s a great idea, but made choosing the binding a lot more difficult!

All of my other projects will now be put into a bin and I will work on them when I have a chance.

These next pictures were taken before I went to Ontario at the end of July.  The first picture is my sewing room … the machine is to the right.  The 2nd picture is the guest bed. It’s changed a little, but not much.

I’m not sure if you have heard about all the wildfires that are burning in British Columbia.  There are a LOT.  We used to live in Fort St. James (centre of BC) and there is a huge and angry fire burning south of there and towards the town. Friends of ours run a Bible camp that received an Evacuation Order yesterday.  They are heading here with their family of 6 and 3 extra people.  SEW the MESS  signs of CREATIVITY will need to be cleaned up so people can sleep in these rooms.

I have no idea when they are arriving and how long they will be staying.  I doubt if I’ll be sewing very much,  but I will blog when I can.  SEW don’t worry: I’ll be enjoying the  wonderful chaotic time and will probably even go on a few adventures with them as they do day trips around Vancouver.

In the meantime,

Happy Quilting!

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11 thoughts on “Friday …

  1. Wow! I told you that if you create a list of wips you’ll get them done but I never expected this kind of progress. I mean, zoom! I’m so sorry about the fires, but it’s so wonderful that you’ll soon have some guests visiting. I’m sure you’ll have some wonderful adventures and I can’t wait to hear about them. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss! You’re an inspiration! Remember that we are linking up on Thursday this week.


  2. Hi Gail! Very creative using the two blocks for a zipper bag. It looks really cute and nice and scrappy. That was also a fabulous idea switching out the backing and using Christmas fabrics – it certainly gives it a longer use time. I’m sorry your friends have to come for a visit/stay with this reason, and I hope their camp survives with minimal damage. {{Hugs}} Happy Sunday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. So good that you can be there for your friends while those wildfires burn. For me (like you) helping people comes before sewing. Good thing unfinished projects sit quietly waiting for us to get back to them


  4. Congrats on finishing off the “troubled” table runner. Those type of projects are always the hardest to finish off. So sorry for your friends who have to evacuate, it’s good of you to offer a place for them to stay. Enjoy your company.

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    • Hi Kate,
      Thank you! However, the table runner isn’t finished – just fixed … still needs the binding put on.
      I know we’ll have fun with our friends! We always enjoy it when they come to visit!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  5. I love LOVE the idea of changing the backing on a table runner!! I am going to use that, and will keep your learning (about the binding choice) in mind. Thanks!
    Also those patchy zipper bags ARE super cute. Great idea to use up scraps in a hurry. (Merry Christmas -everyone is getting zipper bags) 😉

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