After a trunk show

I did a trunk show around the middle of the month … When the trunk show is over and everyone has looked at the quilts, they all get put into the bags I brought them in.  It would take too long to do it in an orderly fashion, so they just get folded and put into bags.

The next day, I take them out of the bags and begin the process of sorting through them.  There are quilts that go back onto the beds, there are Christmas quilts, there are quilts for when we have extra people, there are quilts that I use for teaching and there are quilts that might be gifted in the near future. This is what it looks like when I empty the bags and before I start to sort:

After about 2 hours, the quilts (not including the ones that were put on the beds look like this:


The quilts on top of the red bags have specific destinations in the house.

Other than the quilt my grandmother made for my parents wedding, I usually don’t show any quilts made by others.  This time I showed one that was half made by my grandmother and finished by me years ago.  You can read the story HERE.  And you can see all the quilts that I made using Grandma’s fabrics HERE.  I also showed “Thank you Notes” made by my cousin, Terry.  This was given to me with blocks signed by cousins and aunts and uncles that have received quilts.  When I received “Thank you Notes” I was overwhelmed and there were quite a few tears of astonishment! You can read that story HERE.

At the trunk show, several people asked me about “Thank-you Notes” … they thought it was a great idea.  It is a Missouri Star pattern called “You’ve got Mail.

Happy Quilting!


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9 thoughts on “After a trunk show

  1. I love seeing trunk shows and doing trunk shows (except for the putting away part ). But yours is behind you now and soon you’ll be back in your studio! Thanks for sharing your journey with us at Wednesday Wait Loss!

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    • Hi Jennifer,
      Yes, doing trunk shows is FUN!!!! I love telling the stories behind my quilts … both the good and the bad.
      Hope to say “hello” to my sewing machine this week!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  2. This was a lovely read. Trunk shows are SEW MUCH FUN! I did one a couple of years back for a local guild of which I no longer have time to be a part of. I was actually embarrassed when I brought them all into the room with my mom’s help. I had gathered quilts I had made as well as all our family round robin quilts. There was over 80; they filled two vehicles and the room. I focused on round robins, online quilting, theme quilts, etc. Every quilt has a story so it took a bit even though I went fast.

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    • Hi Deana,
      Wow!!! 80 quilts!!! That is a LOT!!
      Isn’t it wonderful to have that many to share?
      I find that I try to limit it to 35 – and even that takes about an hour to get through!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  3. Good Morning Gail! I’ll bet all of those quilts were well received. I love the story behind Thank You Notes. It turned out so great, and what a fabulous remembrance. ~smile~ Roseanne

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