January Unboxing Video

Here is my January 2020 Unboxing Video with all of the goodies I recieved this month!

Here’s a detailed description of all of the items in my box.

They say, “The Best From Bali!” …  I say, “The Best in the World!”

Stash Builders


These rolls are “Stash Builders.”  Each roll contains 4 – 5″ width of fabric pieces.    I recieved 2 packages, so each package has 20 different fabrics.

Island Batik KNOWS that my favourite colour is blue … so, I’ll be using these in a future quilt or project.


Faded Blue Jeans

This is a Fall 2019 line of fabric, designed by Kathy Engle.  This wonderful fabric will be shipping to quilt stores in February!  With my favourite colour being blue, you already know that I LOVE this line of fabric!!!  There is a project planned for February, so you won’t need to wait too long to see it!



This is also a Fall 2019 fabric line. Designed by Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis.  I recieved 40 – 2 ½” strips of fabric, along with co-ordinating yardage … No plans yet, but I’m certainly looking forward to using this!  It will be beautiful, whatever I make with it!



Is a winter 2019 fabric line, designed by Kathy Engle.  I have a 10″ stack of fabric and co-ordinating yardage.  I love the rich rich colours!  You can find the pre-cuts in stores in February, but you’ll have to wait until May for the co-ordinating yardage.  I’m not sure what wonderful project this will be, but it’ll be fantastic!



Two Surprise packages!  You’ll have to wait to see what is in these … I can’t show you until I use them … watch for the blog hop in May … I’ll be using them then!

I can tell you that there is a stack of ½ yard cuts in the plaid package and co-ordinating yardage in the pink package …  that’s all I can say for now.


Island Batik also makes delightful rayon!  It is wonderful to sew with and drapes beautifully.  I received a 2 yards of fabric an a wonderful scarf  … lovely, eh?

1/2 Yard Cuts

fullsizeoutput_c6212 co-ordinating fabrics to use as my heart desires.  There are 8 prints and 4 solids.  Island Batik has recently added 11 new solid colours.  Last year (and this year), I recieved  white, black and grey yardage.  I used it a LOT!  I love how nice it is to work with!  It’s pretty awesome fabric!  I’m excited to use these new solids in upcoming projects!

AurifilLogo3-Website Thread.  Wonderful Aurifil thread.  I LOVE this thread!!!  I’ve been buying it for years and will often buy cones of it, especially the colours that I use frequently for quilting.

They have recently come out with 12 different  “Color Builder” boxes.  I happened to receive “Carrara” and “Milan Grey.”  They are a wonderful way to build up your thread stash!   I will be using these threads in many upcoming projects.


schmetz logo

fullsizeoutput_c6aSchmetz needles sent us 2 different types of needles.  I’ve never used Schmetz needles before, so I’m eager to try them!

Chrome Microtex70/10 & 80/12: have a thin acute point that enables precision piecing.  Hmm … sounds like a mircle needle to me!

Super Nonstick 70/10 & 80/12: These needles have a larger eye (WHOOHOO!!) and are coated … the design is developed to prevent skipped stitches!  Bonus!!

They sent a luggage tag with the Color Code chart on it.  (The needles are all colour coded so you can remember which needle you have in).  Also included is a Pocket Guide which explains which needles are for which fabric / project.

AccuQuilt logo


Accuquilt sent the “Glorified 9 Patch”die.

This is part of their Block on Board series.  All pieces of the block are on this one single die.

I like how the pieces are spread apart.  This way, I’ll be able to cut individual colours with little waste.

I’m finding that using the Accuquilt gives me PERFECT cuts and it’s pretty speedy.  I know that I will likely have all the parts for my quilt cut in way less time than it would take me to even make the templates to cut out this block!

Hobbs Logo


Hobbs sent 2 whopping large, KING sized batts.

I LOVE HOBBS batting!

The PREMIUM cotton batting does not have a scrim and needs to be quilted at least 3 ½” apart.  This is NO problem for me as most of my quilting is usually within 2″ of the stitching.


The NATURAL batting does have a scrim and can be quilted 10″ apart.  Well, that won’t be happening with me, but for those who like to do minimal quilting – this is the perfect batting for you to use!

Disclaimer: The products featured in this Blog post were given to me by Island Batik, and their co-sponsers Aurifil, Hobbs Batting & AccuQuilt!  

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting! 

23 thoughts on “January Unboxing Video

    • Thanks, Jennifer! It was fun to see everyone and all their goodies! There’s quite the variation of fabrics and I’m sure we’ll all have different projects!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


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  2. Hi Gail! How totally fun – those solid fabrics look like so darn handy. I’ve used Schmetz needles for ages – I think you’ll love them. And the batting and thread – wonderful. ~smile~ Roseanne

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      • That was fun to watch…and drool!!
        I will be particularly interested in your experience with the needles. I use Janome needles exclusively but Schmetz are more readily available to me so be sure to share your thoughts on them

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      • Hi Terry,
        I’ve only used Janome needles as well. I’ve been warned that Schmetz needles are fantastic, but Janome needle threaders do not like them and can often be damaged by them … sew … it’ll be “eyeing” the needle to thread it!
        Happy Quilting! 🙂


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