Lets Talk about Ruler Quilting!

Did you see my Scrapbusting Challenge for Island Batik for March? You can see it HERE.

The following is about one of the quilts I made for the challenge. I was scheduled to take a Ruler Quilting course through the guild with Silly Moon Quilting Co. I grabbed some of the Island Batik neutral stash builder rolls so that I could make 5″ squares. I wanted something light so the quilting would show. Then, instead of making a placemat or table topper, I choose to make a small heart quilt.

Well, as soon as I had the heart done with the blue around it, I decided to make it bigger … and borders were added … then more borders. All of a sudden (after a few hours), I had a quilt instead of placemat.

By the way Silly Moon Quilting Co. is a Canadian company, family owned and is located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. You can order rulers directly from them or from various locations across Canada. They offer ruler quilting classes on their rulers. Did I say that I’m in LOVE with their rulers?

Ruler Quilting

The owner of Silly Moon lead the class on Zoom. She was a great instructor! Very patient and clear with her instructions. I have taken a ruler class before, with Amy K. and she’s fantastic as well. Anyhow, the blocks inside the heart were quilted during the class and used “Charming” and “Edgie” rulers.

I wanted to quilt this whole quilt using Silly Moon rulers. It was fun!

The blue border below was quilted using “Charming,” the neutral border to the left used “Turkey” and “Charming.”

Below, you can see how “Charming” made the scallops on the outside border. Cupid 3″ made the hearts that are in the blue and white border. “Turkey” made that neat small square/large square in the next blue border. (And yes, if you look closely, I still need to practice more!)

Here is the full quilt!

Hobbs 80/20 batting was used, Aurifil #2610 – Light Blue Grey, and Schmetz needles were used for piecing and quilting. (All of these were provided by Island Batik and Industry Partners).

Spare Time

I have been asked several times about what I do in my spare time! This picture says it all! (Sorry, I don’t know the original source, it’s from my cousin’s Facebook Page … if anyone knows the original source, please let me know and I’ll give credit to the original artist.)

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting!    

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20 thoughts on “Lets Talk about Ruler Quilting!

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  2. Such a cute little heart quilt! No wonder it grew. You’re doing quite well with your rulers! I like using them too. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

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  3. Aww man, do we have to?!! HAHA – just kidding but that was my first thought when I read your title. I’ve been doing a fabulous job of avoiding it successfully since my last attempt. It looks like I really need to take a Zoom ruler class. Your quilting is inspiring and makes me want to give it another shot. And one last question – you actually have FREE time?!! I think your meme from FB is just perfect. It’s all about the fabric all the time. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    • Hi Roseanne!
      I took my first ruler quilting class a few years ago. The instructor was fantastic … and is always encouraging me to keep at it. The Silly Moon class just helped add fuel to that fire! I think in the end, with lots of practice, it’ll be just fine! Give it a try! 🙂

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  4. Your ruler work is really beautiful and well done Gail. I’m hoping my favourite LQS will carry Silly Moon rulers. I hinted very loudly. 😉. I’ve been checking them and their classes. Your heart quilt is a beautiful one. The quilting enhances it perfectly.

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    • Thanks, Carol. Hopefully your LQS will start carrying Silly Moon rulers. I believe there are a couple of stores in the Okanogan that carry them, but I’d have to check. Happy Quilting! 🙂

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  5. It looks like the quilty quote is on a sweatshirt. I’d love to try ruler quilting, but, as far, as I know, there is no ruler foot available for my 30+ yr old mechanical Bernina and I’m too cheap to spend thousands of dollars to buy a new machine at my age.

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    • Hi Patricia,
      I know that Bernina was slow to make ruler feet for their machines … keep trying – you never know when they might come out with one that fits your machine!
      I certainly understand not wanting to spend a ton of money on a new machine … no matter what age you are! I was reluctant to buy my M7 at first, but my husband said, “If you’ll use it and enjoy it, it’s worth buying!” He was SEW right!! I love the machine!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  6. Oh my gosh, Gail — my family would be nodding their heads, looking at that cartoon: “Yep, that’s all Mom does…” Hah! I love how your quilt came out — the combination of the pieced and quilted hearts with that fabulous penguin batik fabric reminded me of the Emperor Penguins documentary and what those birds go through to survive and protect their young in their harsh environment. You did a fantastic job with your ruler work, too — love that heart border! Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

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