April: It’s All Up to You!

What a fun challenge … we have free reign … Of course, we need to use Island Batik fabrics … but that is NOT a problem. If you’ve been following me for the past few years, you know that I tend to use Island Batik fabrics MOST of the time!

Here’s what our guidelines said, “April brings a free month for you to determine your own project, any size, any theme, any technique! This is an opportunity for you to express your creativity without guidelines. Have fun!”

Well using Island Batik fabrics is ALWAYS fun!! The fabric is awesome to work with!! So the “Have fun!” part was easily accomplished – before I even started.

I used part of a “Nouveau Soul” strip collection that I received last year. I certainly couldn’t resist those aqua’s and blues, mixed with the purples and yellows … Isn’t it a beautiful collection?

Unfortunately, I got SEW excited about making this quilt, I forgot to take pictures as I went along. It did add some “Wavy Dots – Bluebird BE” in the middle and it is also bound with the same pretty blue.

On the back is “Celery” and “Custard”. I think the back is almost as pretty as the front!

Hobbs fusible batting was used. I absolutely LOVE this batting!!! There is absolutely NO shifting and it is so easy to iron on! (I do the ironing on the spare bed.) Aurifil #4669 (Stonewash Blues) is the top quilting thread, #5008 (Light Grey Turquoise) was in the bobbin and shows up on the back, and # 1128(Light Blue Violet) was used for the binding. Schmetz Quilting Needle 80/12 was used.

And, I had to PLAY

I love making quilts. Just had to tell you that, in case you weren’t aware of my passion! But I also had to play! Last year we received a roll of Fusible Batting from Hobbs. These strips, cut at are 2 ¼” are perfect for 2 ½” fabric strips … but I didn’t want to make another rug … so I got to thinking. My thoughts brought me back to when I originally took a Jelly Roll Rug class (taught by Dawn F. at the Boundary Bay Quilt Guild) and I remember one lady had a horrible time trying to keep her rug flat and she quipped, “I made a bowl.”

Sew … this got me thinking and asking, “Could I make a bowl?” Well, the only way to tell is to try it out!

In my January Island Batik box, I received a strip set of the Harvest Blue collection. What a perfect collection to try out a bowl or 2 with.

A Tutorial for YOU!

I took half of the strips and cut them in half. and divided them into a “yellow” and a “blue” pile.

I sewed them lengthwise with a 45 degree angle.

Taper the end. On the Taper one end. On the strip that you wish to use at the end of your bowl, fold the strip in half and cut a piece that is approximately 3” and tapered to ½”.

Place the batting on top and trim the same.

Fold over the ½” end and pin in place.

Place the fusible strip on the wrong sides of the fabric.  Fold each edge of the fabric strips towards the middle so that no batting shows.  Press.  DO NOT press directly on the batting!!!!!!!!

Next, the strip was sewn, using a 1/4″ foot. I wanted a heavier needle for this step, since it would be going through 2 layers of fusible batting and 4 layers of batik. Schmetz Quilting Needle 90/14 to the rescue! On the Yellow one, I used Aurifil #2000 (Light Stand) and on the Blue I used # 1128(Light Blue Violet).

The “putting it together” was started. I used a 7mm wide zigzag and a stitch in the ditch foot. The foot flange was kept between the “new” and the old piece. I attempted to keep it flat. This involves some squishing on the corners and ignoring the wrinkles that appear. The first time the bottom was too rounded and I had to take the whole thing apart. On the 2nd attempt, I managed to keep it flat for about 1.5″ … then I allowed the bowl to curve up. All the time, I worried if I’d be able to keep it going out … I didn’t want the bowl caving in on me! But, it seemed to just go nicely.

And now I have 2 cute bowls or containers! I love them!

And the basket is perfect for holding Island Batik Stashbuilder rolls!

Disclosure: The fabrics, thread, batting and needles were generously supplied by the following companies:

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting! 


16 thoughts on “April: It’s All Up to You!

  1. I’ve made various bowls and baskets out of fabric and I’ve even made a jellyroll rug but never tried this technique for bowls – I’ll have to try.

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  2. I LOVE LOVE the nouveau soul quilt. Is that your pattern? What is it called?
    The colours are so striking – simply gorgeous.
    And great tutorial, lovely bowls. I have been wanting to make a rug but wasnt sure I wanted ti put myself through the aggravation. Lol. Perhaps a bowl would be a good place to start.
    Thanks for sharing Gail.

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