Easter Sunday

Whether you celebrate Easter, in prayer, song, bunnies or eggs, I wish you all a blessed Happy Easter!

I have to laugh at myself … earlier this week, (This POST) I talked about “focus” and how, to prevent becoming overwhelmed, we should only work on a few projects at a time. As you read through this post, you’ll realize that I’m NOT following my own advice. I’ve also been working on some “behind the scenes” work, final pattern writing and checking fabric requirements. It’s all fun! or I wouldn’t be doing it!

I know I certainly enjoy my Zoom sewing with others! So fun! And I usually get quite a bit of sewing done – which is good!

Design Wall


  1. Speed Dating is now squared up … but that’s all I’ve done on it! Hopefully this week, I can get those borders on and get it sandwiched.

2. May Island Batik challenge is started. (Sorry no pictures …) But I am using one of the techniques I learned in the class!

3. June Island Batik challenge has begun and is being used as my leaders and enders.

4. A & A’s Quilt is started – several blocks are made and my daughter is in the process of deciding on the layout. She said, and I quote, “This is hard mom!” And I suspect I will have a LOT more blocks to make!


No quilting happening at the moment, but I do need to get the guild’s Healthcare Mystery quilt sandwiched and also the Speed Dating Improv – once those pesky borders are on.

Stash Report

No stash used in my finishes for this week.

  • Fabric Used this week     0   yards
  • Fabric Used this year:       35 yards
  • Fabric Bought this week:  0  yards
  • Fabric Added this year:      9 yards  (my husbands amounts as well)
  • Net Fabric used                  26 yards 
  • Husband’s purchases:  0 yards (which are added into my total amount of Fabric added this year). For those of you who don’t know … my husband often buys more fabric than I do … so, I’m keeping track! Unfortunately, he doesn’t sew!

Stitchin’ Time

I’m aiming for at least 30 minutes a day.

I have stitched for over 30 minutes each day

  • January – March –  80 / 80
  • April – 4 / 4
  • Percentage = 100 % 

For more Stitchin’ Time, you can check out Kate’s blog: Life in Pieces


Chris from ChrisKnits is hosting it “To Do” every week. You can check out her blog HERE.

Last week:

I ‘ve been busy, but I didn’t focus on my TO DO list … so not everything got done!

  1. Finish quilting and binding April Island Batik Project √   done
  2. Start A&A’s quilt √   done
  3. Sandwich  Healthcare Hero’s Mystery (this is for the guild …) NOT Done
  4. Do NOT be distracted by any SQUIRRELS √   done   
  5. Tidy & clean studio for 30 minutes √   done    

This week’s list:

  1. Finish making blocks for A&A’s quilt
  2. Sandwich  Healthcare Hero’s Mystery (this is for the guild …)
  3. Speed Dating: Add Borders and Sandwich
  4. Finish blocks for May Island Batik challenge
  5. Do NOT be distracted by any SQUIRRELS! I NEED this continual reminder! 
  6. Tidy & clean studio for 30 minutes

The April Island Batik challenge is completed … I plan to have the post ready in a couple of days!

What’s coming up on the blog in April and May?

On Friday, I plan to show you the quilts from the January/February Mystery quilt that the guild did!! Such a wonderful variety, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the eye candy!

April’s colour has been announced! Drum roll … light blue … oh, my favourite!!! What will I be making? I’m not sure yet! But you can bet that I’ll enjoy making it in my favourite colours!

In April, there’s the “In the Kitchen” blog hop happening!! I have a few ideas … I’ll have to firm those up and make something!

I’m looking forward to this blog hop!! It should be fun!

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting!    

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16 thoughts on “Easter Sunday

  1. You’ve got a lot going on. I didn’t get lured away by squirrels this week so I made great progress. It seems to me you did too. I don’t envy you trying to figure out borders for Speed Dating. It really is a great piece.

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  2. About the concept of FOCUS – I must admit that reading your list of projects generally leaves me dizzy!!
    But, to be fair, I recently reorganized my sewing room and grouped all my UFOs and was embarrassed! But did that stop me from starting a different project?
    Happy blessed Easter Gail

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Terry!!!
      I had to laugh about your UFOs!!! And of course, a new project is always in the works!
      It was great spending Easter Sunday Zoom sewing with you! We always get lots of sewing and chatting done!!! it’s fun to have family sewing!
      HUGS, Cuz! 🙂


  3. Good morning, Gail! Happy Easter to you and your family. I just love how Speed Dating is turning out. What fun fabrics. I think you did pretty darn good on your to-do list with 4 out of 5 done! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  4. He is risen indeed! Happy Easter, Gail! I’m laughing at your not following your own advice – you are my kind of quilter! Of course, you know I am really liking Speed Dating – can’t wait to see how you quilt it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Wendy!
      I’m glad you got a laugh at my expense! Love it!
      Speed Dating will be quilted with organic straight lines … I honestly can’t see doing custom quilting on it!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂

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  5. Oh Gail, just because I am working on one project at a time, does not mean that there aren’t 17 other thoughts racing through my brain. I like Speed Dating ;-p at least your speed dating. I have been working on some improv myself. It is always easy and fun to start but it is a challenge to bring all the improv bits together. My IB April Project is done as well. Plan to share next weekend. I am sure that your IB April project will be beautiful. Have a great Sunday.

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    • Oh, Pretti, our minds think alike!!!
      Sometimes, the problem with sewing with others is all the great new ideas we get! The same thing happens when I examine all of the Island Batik projects each month!! 🙂
      As for improv … I now get the dilemma of putting it together … I think that sometimes you just have to “go for it.”
      I’m looking forward to seeing your IB project! They are always great!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


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