Island Batik: Endangered Species

This year, Aurifil Thread has a Color Builder program. It is a total of 12 different mini-collections that, for 2021, are based on Endangered Animals. Aurifil’s goal is to “Increase sustainability and positive environmental impact.” (source: Island Batik).

For the October challenge, Aurifil is asking you to create a piece inspired by the endangered animal featured on your assigned Color Builder box. Use each one of the 3 provided colors somewhere in the challenge piece, how the thread is used is up to you! (source: Island Batik)

I received the Pangolin bundle. The 3 threads in this collection are: #2312 – Ermine, #6010 – Toast, #2360 – Chocolate. They are all 40 weight.

I had to look it up …

Photo “Borrowed” from Aurifil:

The Pangolin is sometimes used for it’s meat, but mostly the scales are used in traditional Chinese medicine. There is a huge amount of illegal trafficking and the pangolin is considered Critically Endangered. Source.

I literally spent a few months thinking about what I would do.

I finally decided that I would go to the Internet and search for royalty free colouring book pages and pangolin. Bingo! I found one at THIS SITE.

Below is the pangolin print out and fabric (Buttermilk) on my light board. My light board happens to be a window. You can see where the pages are overlapping and taped together. The Buttermilk fabric is taped on top.Then a picture of me tracing it out with a brown sharpie. (Inspired by Helen Godden and the Flower Power Quilt-a-long)

I used Hobbs Polydown batting and Odif 505 temporary adhesive spray and got to work. First I stitched over the brown sharpie lines with #2360 – Chocolate.

I quickly realized that I needed to have a fabric on the back: the polydown was catching on the lowered feed dogs. Previously, when I used this technique, I was able to use Hobbs 80/20 with no difficulty.

Then, I was not pleased with how it was stitching out! So, I cleaned my machine (it needed it) and changed to a Schmetz needle. That helped a bit, but then I took off my ruler quilting foot and put on the regular free-motion quilting foot. I’m not sure why, but my quilting was WAY better.

The pangolin is outlined with Aurifil #2360 – ChocolateI. The Zendoodling is Aurifil #2312 – Ermine. Aurifil #6010 – Toast, was used for the organic echoing around the pangolin. It took 3 full days of zendoodling to get to this point. Then I needed a break!

For the spikes around the border, I used several pieces from the Autumn Wings collection, along with Large Netting-Sand (a blender) and Citrine (Marvelous Multis). The spikes were all fused with steam-a-seam light. And appliqued in place with #6010 – Toast. Then the feet were “coloured” in using Aurifil #2360 Chocolate. It is bound with Wavy Dots – Cappuccino.

Disclosure: The fabrics, thread, batting and needles were generously supplied by the following companies:

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting! 

33 thoughts on “Island Batik: Endangered Species

  1. Gail I was wondering which Aurifil collection you would get and what you would create to inspire us all. Your Pangolin is surely a creature to be admired. The fabric choices for the border are perfect and as usual, your quilting is amazing. Zen doodling the scales is pure genius!


  2. Hi Gail! Boy, this project came together quite nicely especially considering you had to look up your endangered species. It turned quite stunning, I think. Really nice job. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  3. You just might have the first and only pangolin quilt!! It is a gorgeous work with such incredible quilting detail. I can’t even imagine what I would make with this challenge. You hit it out of the park.

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