Island Batik: February Row by Row Blog Hop

I received “Vintage Lace” collection, designed by Kathy Engle. It should be in the stores in February.

The top and bottom rows have 4 colours each, the other 4 rows have 3 … which means that I used all 20 fabrics in the blocks. The sashing is a basics called “Snow” and the cornerstones and binding are “Hunter.” (All of the fabrics are pictured below.)

The name of the collection made me think of traditional blocks and I pulled out my Accuquilt cutter and this wonderful book “GO! QUBE” by Quilt in a Day / Eleanor Burns.

I drew out many of the blocks in EQ and used the program to colour in the blocks.

Using the Accuquilt ensures perfect size quilt pieces … in this case the 2 1/2″ half-square triangles. Once sewn together, there will be no dog ears to cut off and, as long as my 1/4″ seam is accurate, the block will finish at 2″ square.

As I was piecing many of the blocks, the colour combinations made me think of my grandma. I didn’t get to visit her often, but the fabrics reminded me of her sofa and doilies … I know she had a rocking chair that was similar in colour to the lighter green fabric … perhaps that’s where the memories come from!

There was nothing in my Island Batik stash that was large enough for the backing, so I cut large squares from the left-over fabric and used the following fabrics:

  • Cheerios-Jungle Water
  • Medallion Lace-Amazon
  • Medallion Lace-Raspb
  • Medallion Lace-Fall F
  • Floral Swirl Lace-Butter
  • Floral Swirl Lace – Corn
  • Floral Swirl Lace – Spin
  • Floral Swirl Lace – Cha
  • Dots – Pineneedles
  • Dot – Vine opal
  • Dot Floral-Opal
  • Dot Floral- Plum
  • Paisley Lace Beaujois
  • Paisley Lace – Peony
  • Mini Floral Vine-Fall F
  • Mini Floral Vine-Corn

I used Hobbs 80/20 batting, a Schmetz needle and Aurifil # 2375 Antique Blush.

Here is a picture of me just starting the quilting. I used Silly Moon “Beanie” rulers and quilted a Baptist fan over the entire quilt. And, just in case you’re wondering, I did take out that stitching (see the skipped stitches?) and changed the needle (the previous one had pieced this quilt and probably 2 others!) … much better results!

Here are pictures of the individual blocks.

Make sure that you visit The Inquiring Quilter, Jennifer also received “Vintage Lace” and I’m dying to see what she made with this great collection!

Visit the other Ambassadors!

The other Island Batik Ambassadors . make sure you visit each one … they all have beautiful quilts!

Thank you!

Disclosure: The fabrics, batting, thread and needles were generously supplied by the following companies: Thank you, Island Batik  Aurifil Thread  Hobbs Batting & Schmetz Needles !!

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting!    

28 thoughts on “Island Batik: February Row by Row Blog Hop

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  2. Gail, this is beautiful!!!! I agree that the traditional blocks are a *perfect* match for vintage lace. Love it, and the quilting is also a perfect choice. Fabulous!

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  5. Gail, if I were you, I would save this quilt for teaching purposes – it is a lesson in symmetry, in row by row quilts, in Accuquilt blocks and so on. You must be so happy with it ๐Ÿ™‚ Since I lean towards improv piecing, Accuquilt does not come to my mind, usually. I must remember to think Accuquilt way first – like asking myself “can I simplify this by using Accuquilt?”

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    • Thank you for the kind comments, Preeti!! I have not considered teaching symmetry! But, it will probably get a mention in my next trunk show! I LOVE using Accuquilt – and do as much as possible with it! I just need to wait for the border to open so that I can order some dies at reasonable prices. Shipping to Canada is stupid expensive! Good for you thinking “can I simplify this by using Accuquilt?โ€ You’ll be surprised what you come up with! ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Another beautiful quilt Gail. Those fabrics make me think of my paternal grandmother. She collected china sets and several of them had similar colours as this fabric collection. Your work with Beanie is the perfect way to quilt this sweet quilt. Baptist Fans are a design I love (and have never done๐Ÿ˜ณ).

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  7. Vintage Lace is such a beautiful line of fabric. I love the soft blend of the colors. The background and corner stones really show it off nicely! AccuQuilt saves me SO much time! I think I need all the Qubes and companions! LOL

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  8. Gail, your quilt is absolutely beautiful! These fabrics are one of my favorites and I really love how you used them. I love the blocks and your quilting. The whole quilt is just awesome! Thank you for sharing.

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