2022 Monthly Colour Challenge: April

This month’s spice is Nigella Seeds. Are you wondering, “what on earth are Nigella Seeds?” I certainly was … and had to look it up.

“Nigella seed is a black, drop-shaped seed that is traditionally used as a spice in Indian, Middle Eastern and North African cuisines, where its aromatic flavor and crunch make it particularly useful in bread and pastries. It is also used in curries, soups and stews.” (source)

The picture on the right is the flower and on the left is the seeds. (Pictures from Wikipedia.)

I have no idea if I have eaten anything with Nigella seeds in it. Perhaps, when I was in India … but I really don’t know!

Here’s my block made with Island Batik solid grey and black. And yes, I had to piece 2 of the larger squares because my scraps were not big enough.

It’s an easy block to make and the pattern is free for this month! You can get the pattern at “Patterns by Jen” and she has this on her website:

Ready to get the pattern? Go to Payhip and download it now! The block is free for the month April! Each set of instructions includes a “How To” video, one for each size offered!

To have the 2022 Monthly Color Challenge blocks sent directly to your email sign up HERE.

Now, Jen has instructed us to show quilts made with the colours of the monthly spice … Alas, I have not made a black and grey quilt. I haven’t even made a black and white quilt … perhaps one day!

Here’s a picture with the January, February, March and April blocks. I’m really enjoying the variety of the blocks! I think this will be a pretty cool quilt, once it’s done!

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One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting!    

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