Friday: I have a sandwich!

Shakespeare in the Park  

Is now sandwiched!  It is HUGE! I couldn’t get a full picture of it on my living room floor. img_0486

I find that when I use Hobbs 80/20,  the spray basting doesn’t stick as well as when I use Warm and Natural.  And the backing will sometimes shift. So once this was spray basted (with 505) I pinned it.  I know I will be cursing all the pins when I go to quilt it, but at least it will not shift.

My machine is packed up – ready for a “Zendoodling” class tomorrow, so I won’t start quilting this until Sunday at the earliest.

Here’s a Helpful Hint:  If you look on the lower right corner of the picture, you will see that the corner is pinned to the front.  This seems to help prevent the extra backing from folding under and being sewn onto the back.

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