Getting ready to start my PHD 2018

My list is ready …

I pulled out the quilts and took pictures of what’s in the tote. This is the tote that I use for my “big” machine (Janome 8900).  It’s usually only used when I’m going to a retreat.  It’s full quilts that are ready to be pressed, sandwiched and quilted.  2 of them have backings ready.  These are the first 7 that will be quilted.

There are 8 quilts in progress on top of my filing cabinet and 6 in bins on the top shelf of the closet:

Then – there is the 4 mystery quilts I’m working on – 3 with the guild. (no pictures yet) and the Bonnie Hunter mystery.

Then there are 3 baby quilt projects for the guild …

That’s a total of 28 projects … Which will be enough to complete my PHD!  However, I do reserve the right to switch things around and finish some other project(s).

Interesting … these are only half of my UFOs.  As I contemplate the projects that I’ve listed here … the ones on the filing cabinet are the ones that I have the least interest in finishing.  So, I should start on them first, right?

Now, I’m going to need motivation and encouragement to get these done, so I can complete my own PHD! (see details HERE).

Unfortunately, I realize that I have at least 3 other projects that I want to get done this year.  One is a t-shirt quilt, another is a quilt for my son (requested a few years ago) and I also need to repair his very first quilt.  It’s falling apart. Literally.

PHD in 2018  

If you want to join in the fun finishing PHD (Projects Half Done), you can see the details HERE.  Add the link to your blog, Instagram, or Pinterest board and you can join in the fun!

Stash Report

I did this last year and am pleased with the amounts that I used.  This year, (so far), I used 171 yards of fabric and bought 62 yards.  I definitely used up way more fabric than I bought!  And that’s a good thing!  Sew … I’m  going to keep doing my Stash Report.  I found that when I was tempted to buy with no purpose, I would often think, “I have to report this on my blog.”  And, sometimes, it worked and I wouldn’t buy any fabric!

Planning Party

Yvonne, from quiltingjetgirl is having a Planning Party.    I emailed Yvonne, just to make sure that it was OK to join the 2018 Planning Party while I host “PHD in 2018”.  She said, “yes.”  I first met Yvonne in the spring when she was one of the hosts for the “2017 New Quilt Blogger’s.”  This group experience where I received valuable feedback about my blog and met some awesome quilters as well!


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13 thoughts on “Getting ready to start my PHD 2018

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  2. Hi Gail,
    I still haven’t gotten to listing or finding all my UFOs but hope to do so between Christmas and New Year. I’ll pop back and comment if I’m able to play along. Yes, I think you should start on those on the file cabinet – get them out of the way. OR pick another eight – who wants to spend/waste time on projects you’re not interested in?! Maybe you should cut the ties and let those projects go . . . just sayin’. ~smile~ Roseanne


    • Hi Roseanne … I do hope you can play along with us! … Those 8 on the filing cabinet … I will tackle them. One is a flimsy and needs a pieced back – for some reason, that’s a stumbling block for that quilt! Not sure why … but I will get them done!

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  3. I’m glad to see others with long lists of unfinished projects! I’m in that boat as well.

    How do you calculate yardage used? I’ve seen multiple methods out there and I’m trying to find one that works for me.


    • How do I calculate yardage? Well, if I’ve used a pattern – I use the measurements given & usually subtract a bit. But if it’s something I’ve done without a pattern, I take the amount needed for the back and add 10 – 20%, depending on how much piecing there is. Hope this helps. To me, its a generalization – it doesn’t have to be 100% accurate … just close.


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