Going to Visit

There’s nothing new on my design wall.

Image result for images free  nurse angel I am going to visit my sister for a couple of weeks.  She’s going to be recovering from surgery and I’m going to be her nurse and help.  Mmmm … not sure what kind of help I’ll be – but I can be bossy and get her moving and on the road to recovery!

img_1339.jpgI’m taking a few small projects with me.  I hope to complete at least 7 UFOs while I’m gone.  This is half of my suitcase (the other half is for clothes)

The UFO’s I have packed are:

  • 3 retreat bags
  • necessary clutch
  • mouse pin cushion (2)
  • a mystery table runner
  • donation baby quilt (x2)  I hope to get the tops done, not the whole quilt – but you never know!

Ha!  Wish me luck with all that!   My sister has a Janome 8900, so it should be easy to sew/quilt on since I have the same machine.

PHD Update:


UFO #2

IMG_1338The fat 1/4 flannel quilt that was sitting on top of my filing cabinet is DONE!  The sun was shining for a few minutes after the quilt came out of the dryer.  I quickly hung the quilt on the line an snapped a photo.

The picture on the left is a picture from the back of the quilt and sort-of shows the quilting pattern.

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  3. You look well prepared for making progress on a few UFOs while you are nursing your sister back to health. Enjoy the visit. And congrats on finish #2!


  4. Gail,
    Are you visiting Terry? If so, maybe that is why she is going gungho on those UFOs!! I admire you for taking all those with you, and wish you success on completing all of them! Best wishes for your sister, too! I hope the surgery goes well. ~smile~ Roseanne


  5. I hope you have a nice visit with your sister and get lots of sewing done. I think sometimes a change of scenery and someone to keep you company can make all the difference in the world.


  6. Give Lynn my best. Its great that she has a machine too sew you won’t have to pack one to use. Me thinks though that you will need to dust it off a bit first. Who knows, maybe she’ll get the quilting bug and as a result of your visit she will get started on her first UFO! Lol


    • LOL … Well, I do know that she has wound a bobbin and when Connie reported that when she was at Lynn’s in June, the machine had been used. Sew … there may be about 7 months worth of dust on it! 🙂 AND – Lynn went to a quilt store and signed up for a beginner’s course later in the spring … But, I do think she already has a UFO … I gave her a kit with a pattern I’d written and I don’t think she’s done anything yet! 🙂

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  7. Oh, the colors in that quilt are lovely, and I like the crinkly look after the spin in the dryer! Yay for a UFO done! Hope your sister recovers quickly; I’m sure she’ll enjoy having you there.


    • Thanks, Ann! My daughter’s dog has a quilt of her own at my daughter’s place. And when she visits here, the “fancy” quilt comes off the couch and an older quilt goes on the couch. I’m thinking that my flannel quilt may replace the “fancy” quilt – but will likely be removed when the grand-dog visits! 🙂


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