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PHD in 2018 Update

We have a late-comer to our PHD in 2018 group!  It’s Deana from Dreamworthy Quilts.  This post lists her UFOs with the actual month that she started the quilts.  WOW – I’m impressed!  I think she had said something to me at an earlier date, but I forgot!  Her post from December (HERE) has her list.

PHD in 2018 is now CLOSED.

Project Update

One of the UFOs I brought with me is the Necessary Clutch.  I worked on it a bit while my sister was in the hospital.  She’s home now and doing pretty good.

Anyhow,  it’s a fantastic wallet.  The write up states,The Necessary Clutch Wallet isn’t just your ordinary wallet. Carry your cell phone/mobile, cheques, cash, cards, coins and still have room for your favorite lipstick or even personal items. With its closed ends, everything is safe and secure and there is never any worry about anything sliding out.”   You can access the pattern HERE.

The first picture shows the exterior and flap with the snap in place.  The lining is in the upper left corner.  The 2nd picture shows the credit card slots and the zipper pouch.   Will I get this finished?  Time will tell.

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14 thoughts on “A Little Sewing

    • Thanks, Ann! Yes, it will be done soon. But not in January … I’m going home early in Feb. and with my husband’s help, it will get that button glued on and then I can call it done! It’ll likely be my first finish in Feb. Happy Quilting! 🙂


  1. Hi Gail,
    Thanks for sharing Deana’s info. I’ll go check out her list and website. That clutch looks like everyone should need making one, just based on the description alone! ~smile~ Roseanne


    • Ah, but Terry, one day when you want a new wallet … this clutch will come to mind and you’ll get the pattern & make it. The directions are well written and it’s pretty easy! 🙂


    • Yes, Susan … every single thing we make is made one stitch at a time … I just found Midweek Makers and I’ll continue linking when possible! Thanks for having the Linky Party! 🙂


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