Sewing at my Sister’s

Necessary Clutch

I have gotten a little sewing done. The Necessary Clutch is done except for the button.  I put a magnetic snap on because I wanted to use this fantastic hand-painted button.  Then I realized that it’s near to impossible to sew the button in place because of the snap.  The needle is now stuck in place. Groan.  This is going to have to wait until I get home, get my husband to help and apply some crazy glue.  If anyone has any other suggestions, I’m open to them!

The exterior of the wallet is cork.  It’s the first time I’ve sewn with it.  It sews like a dream – just like everyone says it does!

If you are interested in really neat buttons, visit The Steam Trunk Craftworks,  click on “SHOP”, then “Handmade buttons.”  She also has fabric, kits, trims and all sorts of other stuff!

House Wall Hanging

My husband bought me this kit when we were in Pennsylvania.  I decided it was a perfect project to bring with me.  The houses are almost finished.  After I took this picture, I realized that one roof had one chimney in the wrong place.  My sister said I could leave it as a “design element.”  I decided with only 4 houses, it needed to be fixed.  However, if I was doing a bigger quilt with lots and lots of houses, I would likely have left it and made more “design elements.” Image result for picture smiley face free   thumbnail-e1516570620695.jpg

PHD Update

So far this year, I have completed 2 UFOs.  My goal for the year, for my PHD,  is 28, that means I have 26 left to complete.  There is a total of 58 UFOs left.

The 2 completed UFOs, Scrappy Irish Chain and Fat 1/4 Flannel quilt can be seen by clicking on the name of the quilt.  And yes, as I typed this, I realize that Fat 1/4 Flannel quilt is not a great name for the quilt, but that’s it’s name, for now.  Image result for picture smiley face free

Stash Report

No shopping means no buying of fabric.

Fabric Used this Week:     0  yards  
Fabric Used year to Date:  0  yards
Fabric Added this Week:    0  yards 
Fabric Added Year to Date: 0.5 yards
Net Fabric used for 2017:   6.5 yards  

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9 thoughts on “Sewing at my Sister’s

    • We were near Intercourse, New Holland and surrounding area. Enjoyed going to Obey’s in New Holland, but it was also scary! – saw fabric that I know I bought over 35 years ago and one lady was telling me that fabric bolts actually fell on her head. I can believe it! Happy quilting!


  1. Hi Gail,
    Yay you for 2 PHD finishes. AND, that clutch made out of cork is really cool! I have seen it in shops – used on a bag – but haven’t tried it yet. ~smile~ Roseanne


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    • The cork comes in sheets … I think the piece I bought was around 18″ x 24″. One local shop cuts it into various sizes. It’s a little pricey – but it should be fairly durable. 🙂


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