Do you have too many UFOs?

If you do – Join me to achieve your PHD in 2020!

Some of you ask, “what is a PHD?” … you know it’s got to have something to do with quilting, but usually a PHD refers to an academic degree.

PHD, in quilting terms, stands for Project Half Done.  Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be HALF done … it can be started and then put aside.  Many quilters know these as UFOs:  UnFinished Objects.

Do you have a zillion UFOs hanging over your head?  All those projects that you want to get done, but they don’t get done?

And do you start a zillion projects each year, that adds to your ever growing UFO list?

Then you need to join me for PHD in 2020!

Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 11.47.00 AM

SEW … how does PHD in 2020 work????

We finish UFOs and we FINISH all projects that we start in 2020. We finish what we start so that the UFO list does not increase!

There are a few rules:

  1. You need to select at least 12 projects that you want to finish in 2020.
  2. Tell everyone about them:  This can be on Pinterest, Instagram or Blog.  But you have to tell us. (There is a linky party where you can join in)
  3. I will have a linky party on the 1st and 15th of each month where you can link to your Pinterest, Instagram or Blog with an update on how you are doing.
  4. You MUST keep track of each and every project that you start.  Each of these projects MUST be finished in 2020.  There are a few exceptions
    1. Projects that started in 2020 and don’t finish until 2021.
    2. Projects started in Dec. 2020 and you’re unable to finish in Dec.
    3. Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt that starts in Nov and doesn’t finish until January

In 2017, I had 60 UFOs … yup, SIXTY!  That’s six-zero.  That was WAY TOO many!!!  I felt totally overwhelmed!!!   I decided that I needed to keep track of my new starts and FINISH them so that I didn’t add to my list.  It has helped a TON!!!  And now, I’ll be starting 2020 with 32!  It was suppose to be 20, but when I moved my sewing room and sorted through all my boxes, bags and containers, I found another 12!  UGG!!!  But that’s OK.  I’ll get through them.  It may take a few years, but they will get done.

I did cheat (not really)!

In order to decrease some of my UFOs,  I put some on the “free” table at the guild and they disappeared!  Another one,  I cut one up  4 large squares and gave them to people to practice Free Motion Quilting.    These things decreased my list nicely!  I didn’t count these lowering the number of UFOs as  finishing UFOs … so technically, I didn’t cheat!

SEW … for 2020 my UFOs that I want to finish are:

1.  Ode to the 1930’s  

This quilt was started around 2009.  I had just joined a quilt group called “Krazy Kwilters.”  They were doing this as a block of the month … Well, I did most of the 12″ pieced blocks and 2 of the appliqué blocks … and there were a lot more appliqué blocks and that’s when I decided that I did not like needle turn applique.  Too fussy, too slow and just not my cup of tea … sew, I don’t think I’ve touched it since then!  It’s time to get this one DONE!!! Although, without the applique … just pieced blocks!


2. Scrappy Repro

I started this at a Wild Rose retreat in 2014.  Diane & I decided to make this quilt.  I’m not sure if she finished hers … but I hope to finish mine.  The bundle on the top right is 100 of the squares … I’m not sure if this will be a big quilt or a small quilt.  My plan at the moment is to finish up all of the squares that I have started and see what that makes!IMG_5863

3. Summer Solstice

This is a Judy Nemeyer pattern that has been hanging around since 2016.  It’ll be so pretty when it’s done.  But it’s not pretty when it’s not done!


4.  T-shirt quilt for Echo Lake

I promised to make this quilt 3 years ago.  About a month ago, I was given additional t-shirts from the last few years.  I’ve got the interfacing, I just need to get started.  I suspect there may be enough t-shirts for a couple of quilts … the plan is to sell them as a fund raiser for the camp (I think).


5. French General Layer Cake

This quilt was started in 2012.  It’s travelled to a couple of retreats with me and has never left it’s container.  The blocks are all trimmed up now.  The sashing needs to be added and then it’s design wall fun times!


6. Baby Quilt

This quilt is one that I’m thinking about writing up a pattern for.  It will have a couple of elephants on it. It’s been around for about 3 years.


7. Dog & Cat Quilt

A few blocks are cut out … just need to cut sashing and assemble.  This was started in 2017, with the intent of giving it to our vet.  Our beloved Bailey passed over the rainbow bridge quite a few years ago, but our grand-dog, Fergie, still visits the same vet.  Obviously, we think he’s pretty fantastic!


8. Florabunda

This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern. (It’s a free pattern on her site).  A simple Jacob’s ladder using floral fabrics.  I started this in 2015 … time to get ‘er done!


9. Rag Bento Box

fullsizeoutput_c19This is the left-over fabric from a quilt I finished in 2013 (picture on the right).  I’m calling it a Bento Box, but not really sure if that’s the proper name. It will have 7″ fussy cut centres from the fabric on the left, then bordered with 3 ½” frames.  I will sew these with wrong sides together.  Once it is washed, it will rag and be oh, so cozy!


10.  A Murder Mystery Quilt

This was started at a Murder Mystery quilt retreat at Wild Rose in 2010.  The top is done … except for borders.  I have a nifty plan for the back, but I might squash that and just piece the back out of the left-over fabrics.


11. 52 blocks in 52 weeks

This is a quilt that was started this year.  The blocks are offered by the Canadian Quilter’s association.  There are still 2 blocks left and there is NO WAY I would be able to finish it before New Years! Sometime in February, I started to neglect the blocks and I fell way behind.  Lately, I’ve been steadily working on the blocks and will catch up soon!  A friend of mine, Irene, is also doing the blocks.  However, whenever a 2 colour block comes along, she makes it with 3 variations.  Clever, eh?  Because what do you do with 52 blocks?  4 x 13 is the best number … so I decided that I’ll aim for 56 blocks, copying Irene’s idea, making more blocks from the 2 colour blocks … then it will be 6  x 7.  Add sashing and call it done.


12. Frolic

This was started in November.  It’s a Bonnie Hunter mystery and the clues come out weekly.  We won’t hve the reveal until January … so it becomes a UFO that is allowed to carry over into 2020.


How to Finish Projects

If you read anything about how to finish projects, get projects done or anything similar, it will always say that the first thing you need to do is make a list of what needs to be done.  SEW … write out your top 12 projects / UFOs that you want to complete …  Take pictures of what you need to get done and take notes.  This will encourage you to open those bags, containers, boxes or whatever and really look at the projects.

Some of you might notice that the first 5 UFOs I’ve listed were on the 2019 list.  I didn’t get them done, but with the plethora of UFOs I have,  I completed a few others and got a total of 13 done.  Just because you make your list, if other priorities arise, it’s OK to change them around – it’s not set in stone.

My Plan is to work on the first 5 on my list.  Then tackle the rest.


Link up to this linky.  It will remain open until January 14th.  Show us what your top 12 UFOs are.  You can link to your blog, your Instagram or Pinterest.  There will be another linky on January 15th and  you can share your progress.  Lets get quilting and get the UFOs done, Done, DONE!!!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Click here to enter 

Here is the Excel sheet that I use.  It’s your choice to use it or not …

PHD-Tally-with-formulas 2020

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting! 


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30 thoughts on “Do you have too many UFOs?

  1. Hi Gail, Im excited to jon in with you next year as Ihave far too many UFOs. I love the additional rule about finishig everything we start in 2020! I’ll be back to lnk up when I’ve had a sort through. PS You’ve got a great list of projects there – it will be wonderful to see them completed!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Raewyn,
      Yeah!! It will be fun to have you join in, finishing UFOs. And yes, finishing what we start in 2020 will ensure that our UFO list does not grow!!!
      Looking forward to seeing your link!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


    • Hi Kate,
      I no longer provide grades – I’m retired! 🙂
      But, as far as I’m concerned, if you’re giving yourself an F – it’s for the Future PhD that you will complete! 🙂
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


    • Hi Sue!
      Triple incentive! That should really help you to get those UFOs done!
      However, the best thing about PHD in 2020 is that you won’t add to your UFO list! To me that’s a HUGE bonus!
      Happy Quilting! as you tackle the UFOs! 🙂


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  3. Hum, must evaluate my UFOs and carefully pick ones I have a chance of finishing. My list (probably not all that accurate) has 55 or so on it. And another 7 or 8 that need to be quilted. So I’m a good candidate to do this challenge but must wait until after Christmas to actually make some decisions and verify what I really want to get done. We’ll see if I can jump on this bandwagon!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Bonnie!
      Yes, jumping ont his bandwagon will help get your UFOs finished! Even the ones that need to be quilted are still UFOs. They’re not finished, right?
      At any rate, you have until Jan. 14 to sign up.
      Happy List making and Happy Quilting! 🙂


  4. Hi Gail! You have been doing SO well on your UFOs. Oh man, how annoying to have found an additional dozen to add to your list, but as you said there’s no rush to get them all completed. As long as you keep plugging away you’ll get there! I always look forward to seeing your progress. ~smile~ Roseanne

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thanks, Roseanne!
      I know that you are one of my best cheerleaders! Always encouraging me to carry on!!!
      Fortunately, the UFOs I found are relatively small … no big Bonnie Hunter quilts! I’m hoping to possibly get a few of them done in 2020 … but no promises! And … the best thing is that since I thoroughly went through ALL my fabric, bags and containers, I know that I will not find one more UFO!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂

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  5. Ok, so I failed miserably at getting a PhD in 2019. I did pretty much (all but like three) finish everything I started in 2019, so I’m not compounding my problem too bad. So here’s to 2020. I’ll get on picking my projects for the new year. Here’s to a 2020 PhD.

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    • Well Tish, as far as I’m concerned, there is NO such thing as failure! And WOW … if you finished almost everything you started in 2019, that is HUGE!!! Especially since I know that you work and that you had monthly Island Batik challenges! That means that your list of UFOs will not increase!
      Happy Quilting! And picking out your 2020 projects!
      Cheers for 2020 PHD! 🙂


    • Hi Anja …
      It’s OK if you switch them out during the year. But realistic is a good place to start!
      The first year, one person had a tiny project that would only take a few minutes to complete … and that was fine … except towards the end of the year, she couldn’t find it!
      Good luck choosing your 12!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


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