PHD in 2021: October Report

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How are you doing with your PHD in 2021?

Are you slugging away at a project that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight? We’ve all been there. Did you know that as you’re slugging away, it’s OK to switch to something else for a short time, or take a break. If you know me at all, squaring up HST or blocks is NOT my favourite thing. I know it gives good results, but taking those slivers off of a HST is just plain boring. So, one of my tactics is to do 10 and then do something else. Then do another 10. Pretty soon, all 2000 (an exaggeration) are done! And it feels good to have that task completed.

Here’s my tally for the year so far. I have completed 12 UFOs and I just need to finish all of the projects that I started and I’ll have achieved my Phd in 2021! I’ve got 2 months left, so I’m hoping it’s a good 2 months of sewing!

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Island Batik’s November Blog Hop starts tomorrow!!! Come back tomorrow to see my beautiful quilts made with the Bellingham Bay Fabric collection!

In the meantime, you have an opportunity to win either a strip pack or a stack of Bellingham Bay fabric!

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I have a Finish!

I did finish one of the guild baby mystery quilts … I used it when I took a “Beanie” ruler class from Silly Moon. Nope, I’m not going to show you the front, but here is the back. There is NO way you can tell what the front is! (chuckle) But I learned how to easily make concentric circles, clam shells, circles, and baptist fans. And I played with the ruler in the in the border.

My Favourite Quilt this month!

My favourite quilt has got to be the Pangolin that I made for October’s Island Batik challenge. I absolutely loved doing all the zen-doodling in the scales! This piece is 20″ square and you can read about it HERE. I will be linking to Meadow Mist Designs.

Design Wall

#1 Scrappy Improv Quilting 

I’m still working on a Hot Air Balloon quilt from Kelly Young’s “Scrappy Improv Quilting” Book. I decided that I would use different techniques for making slabs and have 4 balloons … I haven’t gotten too far … Obviously my balloons need baskets and the sky around them … And my Island Batik scraps isn’t much smaller!

#2.  Scrappy Improv Quilting 

This is from the pattern “Prismatic.” I had some scrappy Island Batik log cabin blocks that were languishing in a pile. What to do with them? I sewed them all randomly together and made a large slab. Then I cut it up. The log cabin blocks were 3/4″ finished … so there are a LOT of tiny pieces in these blocks. They will be sewn together with white fabric surrounding them.

#4, #5, & #6 Secret Sewing: Island Batik

I’m happy to report that all of the patterns have been written. 2 of them are tested and ready to roll. And 2 of them are still being tested.


#1 Secret Island Batik project is being quilted

Stash Report

I got “paid” in fabric for the class that I taught. Even though I didn’t “buy” it, it still adds to my stash. I added 11 yards of flannel … all for backing baby quilts. And I did use 1.25 yards on the back of the mystery quilt (see the purple above?)

  • Fabric Used this week     1.25 yards
  • Fabric Used this year:       100.25 yards
  • Fabric Bought this week:  11  yards
  • Fabric Added this year:      50. 75 yards  (my husbands amounts as well)
  • Net Fabric used                  49.5 yards 
  • Husband’s purchases:  0 yards (which are added into my total amount of Fabric added this year). For those of you who don’t know … my husband often buys more fabric than I do … so, I’m keeping track! Unfortunately, he doesn’t sew!

Stitchin’ Time

I have been sewing for at LEAST 3-4 hours each day … deadlines add pressure, you know! So my stitchin’ time is good!

  • January – October –  292/ 272
  • Total: 292 / 303
  • Percentage = 96 % 

For more Stitchin’ Time, you can check out Kate’s blog: Life in Pieces

To Do

Linda from Texas Quilt Gal is now hosting “To Do” every week. You can check out her blog HERE.

The last To Do list: (from AGES ago)

OK … even though I had a LOT of time to complete everything, pattern writing and making the secret quilts took a LOT of time!

  1. Continue working on Island Batik’s November project DONE!!!
  2. Work on 3rd Project from Scrappy Improv Nope … in progress
  3. Work on Island Batik’s December project ... in progress
  4. Complete top for Secret Sewing BBQG mystery quilt #2 All 3 quilt tops are done, one is quilted.
  5. Do NOT be distracted by any SQUIRRELS!   √   DONE 
  6. Tidy & clean studio for 30 minutes       I need to start doing this daily!  

This week’s list:

  1. Sandwich BBQG Guild Mystery #2 & #3
  2. Sandwich Island Batik Secret #4
  3. Sew top together  Prismatic from Scrappy Improv
  4. Work on Island Batik’s December project
  5. Finish Island Batik Secret #2 top
  6. Finish Quilting Island Batik Secret #3
  7. Do NOT be distracted by any SQUIRRELS! I NEED this continual reminder! 
  8. Tidy & clean studio for 30 minutes

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting! 


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PHD in 2020: Nov. 1 Report

SEW … how are YOU doing with your PHD in 2020?

  • Are you getting there?
  • Are you thinking of starting?
  • Have you given up?

Where ever you are with your UFOs … if you’ve made any progress at all … that is good! Very good!

This year, I have done (in my opinion) extremely well with finishing UFOs. So far, I have finished 17! And when I consider that one UFO turned into 3 quilts … (Florabunda) … and another UFO turned into 2 quilts … (Dog & Cat) … Yup … I’m pretty pleased!

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UFOs … just keep getting done!

Yes, Another UFO Finish!

Frolic is finished!  Borders on, label on, quilted and binding!  Done Done DONE!!!   It usually takes me 4-5 days to quilt a full sized Bonnie Hunter quilt, but with my new machine (Janome M7), the quilting was done in less than 2 days!  Those extra stiches / minute really do make a HUGE difference!!!

I’m loving how using mostly whites for the neutrals, along with the colours make for a nice cheery summer quilt!  This will be on a bed as soon as it’s washed!


The batting is Hobbs 80/20.  For quilting, I did a large swirl, with echoed flower petals around it.  I was amazed at how this pattern caught all of the 1″ squares quite nicely! A light grey CanSew thread was used for the quilting.


Design Wall


Stay at Home Round Robin:  squares … were added this week.  I’m loving the Island Batik fabrics!

Masks: More made, but no picture …


Just finished Frolic – as above!


I’m linking up to Roseanne & Sue’s “TO DO” Tuesday. Their blog is “Home Sewn by Us.”

Last week’s list:

  1. Finish up a UFO …  Actually finished 2!!!  Frolic (above) and Fr.Gen #2  √  done
  2. Round Robin: add the next borders  √  done
  3. Masks:  Make some more  √  done

This week’s list:

  1. Round Robin: add the last borders: maybe finish the purple one since it’s a quilt-as-you-go.
  2. Masks: being made as leaders & enders … pull out the serger and serge the ties.
  3. Scrappy 4 patch 2″: Quilt

Stash Report

SS yellow

Frolic used 17½ yards (12 ½ for the top & 5 for the backing)

French General #2 used  10 yards

I didn’t include the fabric used for masks …  I figure about 6 masks / yard … with ties … so 3 yards of fabric .

  • Fabric Used this week       30.5  yards
  • Fabric Used this year:        120  yards
  • Fabric Bought this week:   0  yards
  • Fabric Added this year:      9.5
  • Net Fabric used                    110.5 yards
  • Husband’s Purchases           0

Stitchin’ Time

I am aiming for 30 minutes/day – at least!

  • 15 minute days:  January – Mar. 90/91
  • 15 min days/  April= 19/19
  • Total days in 2020:  119/120
  • Percentage = 99% 

For more Stitchin’ Time, you can check out Kate’s blog: Life in Pieces

Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 11.47.00 AM

2 UFOs completed this week!!  WHOO HOO!!!

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 11.05.14 AM

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting!  


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A Stay-at-home Round Robin

With all the stuff happening in the world right now, I’m electing to self-isolate.  Yes, that means I’ll be staying home, not going out and will have lots of time to sew.

Well, I will go out.  I was signed up to do the 10 km SunRun, and that is now cancelled.  However, I’m still going to continue training for it.  I no longer run, but I walk.  I walk a LOT.  So, going outside and walking will still be a constant in my life. Unless I’m told to stay home.

Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 4.34.42 PMRound Robin

Have you ever wanted to do a round robin?  I’ve been interested, but have huge BUTs surrounding them.  Well, I’m going to do a Stay-At-Home Round Robin here on my blog.  Beginning instructions will be given  on  Friday, March 20th.

For those of you that don’t know what a Round Robin is … here’s how it usually works:

  • Each participant makes a block … usually you are given a size.  Sometimes participants have the fabric they want used placed in the bag that the block is in.  Sometimes a little notebook is with the block and states the block owner’s preferences, notes are added as the block is passed along.  Then the original block is passed to another participant.
  • Directions are given as to what to add as a border onto the block.  Sometimes it’s all 4 sides … sometimes only one side …
  • Then the block is passed on to the next participant and there are different directions as to what to add as a border.
  • This carries on until the quilt is deemed “finished” and the original with all the borders are returned to the original block owner.

There are many advantages of doing a Stay-at-Home Round Robin

  • you use the fabrics that YOU want to use
  • you don’t have to sew on someone else’s quilt
  • you make the decisions
  • it’s your quilt
  • it doesn’t need to leave your home (which is a HUGE thing right now with all the media attention of COVID-19)

Here’s how it’s going to work.  

This Friday, I will post the beginning instructions.  What size centre block (if you follow what I do) and approximately how big the quilt will be.

By March 27th, you will have your centre block done.  There  will be a linky party on the 27th, and you can share your block then.  With the linky party, you can share a blog post, an instagram post, a pinterest page.  Your choice!  You don’t need a blog to do this!  And, with the Linky party, we get to see what everyone is working on.

There are no hard and fast rules … this is meant to be fun and to occupy your mind as we live in this chaotic time!

A New Blog Hop starting this week

Quilt Qwazy Queens!

It starts on Wednesday … and here are the participants for this week.  It should be FUN!!!  I will be sharing mine the following week!

Wednesday March 18 
Thursday March 19
Friday March 20

Design Wall


Summer Solstice:   I made myself complete these blocks.  Yeah, they got done!

Frolic: The centre is trimmed.

This is a free pattern from Bonnie Hunter at  You can access the pattern HERE.  This is being used as a “Leader & Ender” project and 12 blocks were completed in the last week.


April Island Batik Challenge is ready for sandwiching


IMG_6323.jpegCircles is being quilted


I’m linking up to Roseanne & Sue’s “TO DO” Tuesday. Their blog is “Home Sewn by Us.”

Last week’s list:

  1. Time to pull this back out and work on Summer Solstice: ½ hour / day √  done
  2. Finish March Island Batik √  done
  3. Finish piecing April’s Island Batik √  done
  4. Trim Frolic and get the borders on  Partially done … Trimmed but no borders on it.

This week’s list:

  1. (Maybe) Finish quilting “Circles
  2. Summer Solstice: Complete next step
  3. Round Robin: Make block
  4. Make “Making us Laugh” wall hanging
  5. Sandwich April Island Batik
  6. Get bordrers on Frolic!

Stash Report


There was this sale at “Dinkydoo” … a friend had never been … so off we went.  Inspite of the strict fabric diet that I have put myself on, I fell into temptation … 7 yards worth of temptation …  but aren’t they pretty?   The plan is to use some of them for guild pillowcases …

  • Fabric Used this week       0  yards
  • Fabric Used this year:        52.25  yards
  • Fabric Bought this week:   7  yards
  • Fabric Added this year:      9.5
  • Net Fabric used                    42.75
  • Husband’s Purchases           0

Stitchin’ Time

I’m aiming for at least 15 minutes / day. 

  • 15 minute days:  January – Feb  59 / 60
  • 15 min days/ March = 15/15
  • Total days in 2020:  74 / 75
  • Percentage = 98%

For more Stitchin’ Time, you can check out Kate’s blog: Life in Pieces


One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting!  


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Island Batik “Log Cabin Blog Hop”

Island Batik Blog HOP!!!

Island Batik “Log Cabin Blog Hop” Starts Today!   Be sure to visit Island Batik Blog each week to enter to win a pre-cut of one of the fabric collections highlighted that week.   These fabric collections are from the Fall 2019 line-up and should be available in quilt stores shortly.

I have seen a few of the quilts finished and a few in progress … oh my!!!  Fantastic eye candy for sure!!! Be sure to visit each of the blogs!

Here is the schedule for this week: Continue reading

Keeping Records

Every Sunday, or Monday, I post a bit about what I’m working on.  It’s my way of keeping records, keeping on track and getting a LOT of quilting done!

Here’s an explanation of all the blogs that I regularly link up to have a category for them every Sunday or Monday.

  • Judy’s “Design Wall Monday” to show you what I’m piecing and quilting.  I think it’s fun to show you progress …
  • Roseanne & Sue’s “To Do” Tuesday“, to publicly say what I hope to do in the coming week.  I find it’s OK to have a list and it’s perfectly OK to not get everything on the list done.  It’s all progress and that’s what counts!
  • Donna’s “Stash Report” has really helped me to cut down on my fabric buying binges.  Very seldom do I ever buy “just because,” or “it’s on sale,” or “it’s pretty”  or whatever reason I can dream up at the time!!!  I’m not saying that I never make these types of purchases, but knowing that I need to report what I buy, makes me think twice … and those that follow my blog, know very well that I make frivolous purchases sometimes.
  • Kate’s “Stitchin’ Time” helps pull me to the sewing machine on those days that I’ve been too busy to sew, or just don’t feel like it.  Sometimes, I even set an alarm for 15 minutes and actually get up to turn the alarm off and also turn off my machine.  Other times, I get up and turn off the alarm and sit back down to sew … I never know which will happen!

And of course, I alway have my own PHD in 2020 report!

Design Wall


Summer Solstice:    I’ve started piecing the lone star.  Row 1 – 4 are completed.  Now to sew each of the 8 star points.   I think it’s going to be a pretty quilt! Continue reading

What do you do when you hate …??

 I Hate sewing curves.

I Hate sewing circles.  

Last year, I got a Block on Board die from Accuquilt … Cleopatra’s Fan … it had curves.  I perservered, and made several blocks.  I was not happy.  I liked the block in the end, but I was not happy sewing it!

This year, I received another Block on Board die … it has CURVES.  (Can you hear the loud groan??? !!!)

The guild was offering a one day workshop on sewing circles.  SIGH!!!   I figured that I better take the workshop.  Here’s a sample of what happened at the workshop.  Lots of curved piecing.

Continue reading

Monday, Monday …

Yesterday, I showed what I got done at the retreat and I just knew you’d want to see more details!  

Ode to 30’s


When I started this quilt … a long time ago … I wasn’t aware that there was a quilt genre called “30s.”  I just picked the pink fabric (1st border) and picked out complementary colours.

I did a diagonal backing on Ode to 30’s.  I love how some of the blocks really shine through with the sun shining!  When I made the back, I was tired of putting a stripe vertical or horizontal … I’d worry about it looking crooked.  SEW,  I made sure that the diagonal did not reach the corners … this way, if the diagonal was off a degree or 2 (or 10!), it wouldn’t matter.  I think it worked!


Some custom quilting in Ode to 30’s … and some blocks just had an all-over motif in each block.


My husband loved the birds in the tree!IMG_2219.jpg


  • 58″ x 66″
  • Hobbs 80/20 batting
  • Pieced with Aurifil thread
  • Quilted with Glide thread
  • Binding is 2 colour/flange binding (1¼” dark & 1½” light)

Design Wall


Summer Solstice:  I did not work on this at the retreat.  Pat, one of the other retreaters, helped me get my head around the lone star piecing, so I hope to make some progress on that this week!


Frolic: Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery:   The reveal came out on Friday … I have some cutting to do before I can start putting the blocks together.  I think I will like it when it’s done!

52 Blocks in 52 weeks:  Need to make the last 4 blocks.


Hope to sandwich and start quilting Bento Box  “Rag Log Cabin.”


I’m linking up to Roseanne & Sue’s “TO DO” Tuesday. Their blog is “Home Sewn by Us.”

A Gladys Taber quote  “Contentment is a list with half of it crossed off.”

This week my list is ALL crossed off!

Last week’s list:

  1. Finish Ode to 30’s    √  done  
  2. Work on Bento Box  Rag Log Cabin  UFO  √  done  
  3. Make Maple leaf block for Australia   √  done  

This week’s list:

  1. Sandwhich Rag Log Cabin
  2. Start Quilting Rag Log Cabin
  3. Make at least 2 “Frolic” blocks
  4. Make the last 4 “52 blocks in 52 weeks”
  5. Put “52 blocks in 52 weeks” on design wall and arrange
  6. Start the lone star portion of Summer Solstice.

Stash Report

The 2 finished quilts used 21 yards of fabric, plus ½ yard for the maple-leaf blocks for Australia.  I did go shopping at the retreat but only bought zippers and a thingy-ma-jig to hold stuff at my machine.  No fabric added.

  • Fabric Used this week        21.5 yards
  • Fabric Used this year:         21.5  yards
  • Fabric Bought this week:   0 yards
  • Fabric Added this year:      0
  • Net Fabric used                    21.5
  • Husband’s Purchases           0

Stitchin’ Time

  • January 1-19  : 12 out of 19   100% 

For more Stitchin’ Time, you can check out Kate’s blog: Life in Pieces


Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 11.47.00 AM


I finished 2 UFOs.  And I’ve finished 2 of my 2020 starts.  There’s another 2020 start for Island Batik that I’ve put in the sheet, but I actually haven’t started it yet.

If you are working on your PHD in 2020, be sure to link up to the mid-January linky party and show us your progress! (HERE)

Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 4.30.25 PM

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting! 


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Monday … and I’m off to a retreat!

YEAH, I LOVE retreats!!!  They are always lots of fun!  Lots of chatting and laughing and eating and sewing and laughing and eating and … oh ya, lots of fun!

I hope to work on a few UFOs … we’ll see how that goes!

Design Wall


Summer Solstice:  This section of 8 is done!  Spending 15 min / day worked!  Often it turned out to be closer to an hour … it takes a LOT of time when you need to take out the little tiny stitches that you can barely see!IMG_5960

Frolic: Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery:   All caught up .. and everything fits in this container. I suspect that the reveal may come soon … either this week or next … and I’ll be ready! Continue reading

First Monday of the Roaring 20s

OK … so things are NOT roaring around here … they are plodding along … slowly …

Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 11.47.00 AMIf you want to decrease your UFOs … and not make your UFO list any bigger, Join me for your PHD in 2020!  Check out this blog post for details … and scroll WAY down for the linky party so that you can join in!  You can join in on the PHD in 2020 until Jan. 14.  Then on the 1st and 15th of each month, there will be a linky party for you to show your progress. Continue reading

Last Monday of 2019! Plans for 2020!

Plans for 2020

I don’t make resolutions … they never work for me.  However, I do make PLANS.  Plans can be changed … in my mind, resolutions are sort-of set in stone and unchangeable.

My plans for 2020 include:

  • Obtaining my PHD in 2020 (obviously, eh?)
  • Learn how to sew curves!!! I’ve signed up for a class in January!  I want to master, or at least feel more comfortable sewing curves!
  • Use up my stash!!!  Dare I aim for using at least 100 yards?  Can I avoid purchasing fabric???  Lofty plans … but I’ll try!
  • Having a Baby Quilt Marathon on the blog … likely in July – but subject to change.  And, same as last year, if participants want to work on specific projects and not baby quilts- that’s fine!  All that is required is a concentrated effort to work on a project for 26 hours during the time from ?? date to ?? date.   See HERE, HERE and HERE for some posts about the 2019 Baby Quilt Marathon.
  • Have a Baby Quilt Sew-a-long … the EQ picture is done, just need to write out the pattern and figure out the details.  This may happen during the marathon, I haven’t decided yet.

OK … OK … I know you’re wondering, why so many Baby Quilts?  The quilt guild I belong to makes baby quilts for several different charities.  I have TONS of fabric and it’s fun to make small quilts.  Usually they are pretty quick to make.  Occasionally, I practice a different free motion motif on them, sometimes it’s just straight stitching.  Anything goes.

PHD in 2019: Quilting UFOs and Finishing New Projects

YES!!!  I have completed my PHD in 2019!!!!

Emily, from The Darling Dogwood, also completed her PHD in 2019.  YAY, Emily!!!

I haven’t heard from the others, so am not sure if anyone else has completed their PHD in 2019. Continue reading

My Best of 2019

Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs is having a Best of 2019 Linky Party!

Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 4.13.36 PM

It’s HARD to choose just one quilt that is my favourite for this year!  SEW … as you can see, I chose 8 of them.  I finished many many more, but these 8 are my favourite!  Well, there’s probably a few more that are also my favourite … but I figured I needed to limit the number!

You can see the original posts for the quilts by clicking on the quilt name.  All but the first quilt, Good Fortune, used Island Batik Fabrics (you can see all the Island Batik quilts HERE.)  Good Fortune was made from my stash and was a Bonnie Hunter mystery.  All of the quilts used Hobbs batting … 80/20 or wool … Aurifil thread was used in each project.  Each quilt was quilted on my domestic sewing machine – Janome 8900.

Friday Finish or Not

I have no finishes this Friday, but the quilt below is ready to be quilted.  I used the left-over fabric from a baby quilt I started in November.  I was able to cut most of the 5″ squares from the left-overs … I was a few squares shor … mostly because I cut some at 4.5″ instead of 5″ 😦 …  sew … I took the pieces that were too small and pieced a bunch of them together and then cut those pieces 5″ square.   It will work.  This is a pattern where you sew the blocks straight, do a few big cuts, rearrange the big cuts and you have a quilt that is on point.  Missouri Star has a YouTube Video that shows basically how to make this.   It’s pretty easy!

This quilt will also be donated to the guild.


fullsizeoutput_c18This is the quilt that had the left-overs that I used for the above quilt.  There were 2 fat quarters that I did not use in the original quilt … one was a mini panel with the blocks of animals and the other was the white /with leaves that is on the outside of the quilt … it was a perfect place to use these fabrics up!




One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting! 


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PHD in 2019! DONE!!!


These are the 3 baby quilts that were started this fall.  They were all donated to the guild.  And they were fun to do.  The one in the middle and the one on the right had flannel on both sides.  I learned that it is difficult to FMQ a 2-sided flannel quilt.   When I tackled the pink one, I just did straight lines with my walking foot.  The quilt didn’t stretch as much and it was way easier to do!  The one on the left had quilting cotton on the top with flannel on the back.  It was very easy to free-motion quilt the wavy lines. Continue reading

Do you have too many UFOs?

If you do – Join me to achieve your PHD in 2020!

Some of you ask, “what is a PHD?” … you know it’s got to have something to do with quilting, but usually a PHD refers to an academic degree.

PHD, in quilting terms, stands for Project Half Done.  Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be HALF done … it can be started and then put aside.  Many quilters know these as UFOs:  UnFinished Objects.

Do you have a zillion UFOs hanging over your head?  All those projects that you want to get done, but they don’t get done?

And do you start a zillion projects each year, that adds to your ever growing UFO list?

Then you need to join me for PHD in 2020!

Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 11.47.00 AM Continue reading