Island Batik Placemat Challenge

January’s Island Batik challenge is to make a set of placemats. My boxes from Island Batik had not arrived when I started to make these. I began by pulling out some blue stashbuilder bundles that I received last year. Stashbuilder bundles are 5″ wide by width of fabric. And the white with dots is a fabric from the Faded Blue Jeans collection. Blue is my favourite colour, so these placemats will definitely be loved and used!

Last fall, I was able to purchase “Wing Clipper” (for making flying geese) at a quilt store in Edmonton. The Wing Clipper is a Studio 180 (Deb Tucker Designs. I thought this would be the perfect time to try it out. The stashbuilder strips are 5″ wide, so that limited the size I could make the flying geese. They ended up 1 ½” x 3″ finished in the table runner.

I LOVED using the Wing Clipper!!! Each and EVERY flying geese came out PERFECT!!! Or should I say “each flying goose?”) I’d say for this project alone, it was well worth the money!!! (And you all know that I’m NOT a perfect quilter!!!)

I added 2″ strips of fabric to each side of the flying geese … and these are the placemats!

They can be placed with the geese heading up or heading down … which way do you like best? The picture below, taken on my design wall shows the true colour, better than the picture of them on my table (above.)

They are 12.5″ x 18.5″. Hobbs Thermore was used for the batting. It was quilted with Aurifil #1128 and the binding attached with Aurifil #2311, using Schmetz microtex Chrome 70/10. Why 70/10?? Batik is tightly woven and sometimes the larger gauge needles struggle with sewing batik fabric. My machine tech told me to use a smaller needle. SEW … I did and I was very happy!

Disclosure: The fabrics, thread, batting and needles were generously supplied by the following companies:

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting! 


34 thoughts on “Island Batik Placemat Challenge

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  3. Perfect design for your place mats, Gail — I love the simplicity of one line of geese “migrating” across, just like we see them in the sky.

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  4. Like those place mats and the color is yummy. I prefer the gees flying up, but each person can have their own preferred direction. Glad to hear the ruler was worth the money. I’ll put it on my list because though I love flying geese, I have great difficulties keeping those points without paper piecing (sigh) .

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  5. Well, Gail since you asked, I will have my geese flying up when I start the meal but when I get full I would turn them down 😝
    Very pretty geese and the caramel color table provides the best background for the blues.

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