Fabric Dust

My husband is a great supporter of my quilting passion (AKA addiction or obsession!) Except when Fabric dust ends up all over the house. And I mean ALL over. I do my best (sort-of) to contain these little bits of cut offs and put them in the garbage. Sorry Sally Manke! I know Sally would save ALL of these and use them in a future project. If she lived closer to me, she’d get them ALL!

Anyhow, they end up EVERYWHERE!!! I cleaned the bathroom and there was a little purple piece behind the toilet. I climbed into bed and there was a blue piece on my pillow. I swept the kitchen floor … and I don’t know how many pieces were there. I got in the car, and yup, there was a piece of yellow on the passenger’s seat. I answered the front door and there was a small green piece on the outside mat. GROAN!!!

And, I’ve been trying to tame my Island Batik scraps … 2″ squares, 2.5″ squares, and triangles (not shown). So there are even more fabric dust possibilities!

Now … my goal today is to do a thorough vacuum and clear up all the fabric dust from my studio and the rest of the house!

Another Holiday Seclusion Mystery

This quilt was made by Judy. Aren’t those purples lovely? And the border is perfect for them!

Unboxing Video

Did you see my Unboxing Video of all the goodies I received from Island Batik and Industry partners? You can see the video and all the wonderful goodies HERE.

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting! 


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30 thoughts on “Fabric Dust

  1. Oh Gail. I laughed at your fabric dust! Our little apartment is only 650 sq ft so I vacuum every day to keep the dust under control except for when I’m trimming scraps. Then the “dust” is every where! Luckily DH doesn’t complain when he gets dust mixed in with his curly hair 😊

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  2. Fabric dust is a real thing for sure. My grand babies came to visit this weekend and had bits stuck to their pajamas. They crawl around leaving a trail.

    I always drool over your Island Batik unboxing. If I ever get a handle on all of my UFO’s I would like to participate. I do think monthly designing might be overwhelming. I am slow at that process and too particular!

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    • LOL … about the fabric dust on the grand babies pj’s!!!
      And as for the Island Batik challenges … we don’t always have to do our own pattern … so on some months people use other patterns … but I always enjoy the challenges!!!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  3. I hate to say that I’m secretly glad I’m not the only one with fabric fuzzies and threads everywhere. You definitely know a quilter lives here unless I’ve vacuumed and dusted that day. Luckily my hubby doesn’t complain – if he did he’d be doing all the vacuuming and dusting.. hmmmmm.. smart man.

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  4. I don’t have actually pieces as much as threads all over everything. I have certain clothes I’ll wear while sewing and others I don’t want to ruin! I’m all for understanding and supportive hubbies. Mine is terrific too.

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  5. OMG! You had me chuckling as no matter how diligent they escape and I no longer have the kids, grandchildren or pets to blame it on (thanks to isolation with co-vid), so it’s gotta be me e e. It’s got to be MEeeee.

    Great batiks shown, gotta love those island batiks.

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  6. I just saw a door mat on someone else’s Instagram post the other day that said “Beware of threads. Quilter on premises”! Perfect, eh? Lucky to also have a hubs that fully supports my obsession!

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  7. I had to laugh about your quilt dust. I have been doing a lot of hand embroidery and I find snippets of thread all over the house. What I think happens is that they stick to your clothes and then drop off when they feel like it. Same thing happened when I was working with sequins on ornaments. Sequins all over!

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  8. I am so fortunate that we have a Studio to do our hobbies in. The building started as a one room, evolved into two rooms after retirement and in 2009 it evolved into an 800 sq ft play house for the spoiled retirees. We are blessed to live on 5 acres where we could have a separate place to go to each day and enjoy our hobbies. We can leave a mess (which doesn’t happen) or leave a project sitting out and head to the house for the evening I have noticed that I could probably dust every day in the one room where I am sewing, cutting and now going to load a quilt on the long arm (gotta meet the goal tomorrow for PHD 2021).

    Monday will be my monthly dusting in the house. I swear I do not know where it comes from, but I figure that if I do a detailed dusting once a month we have about 3 days to enjoy it! LOL. We are in a severe drought here in South Texas so I have to assume that is why more dust than usual! Have a great day! Sorry I dropped out of the SAHRR, had to get on with my other UFO’s. Hugs

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    • Nanette – your studio sounds awesome!!!
      Good luck with your PHD in 2021 goal for January!
      Don’t worry about “dropping” out of SAHRR – there’s no such thing as dropping out … you just rearranged your priorities!


  9. Fabric trimmings are pretty good about staying in my studio. Can’t say the same about thread. Turns up in the strangest places. So, I could definitely relate to your finding “dust” throughout your home, on the stoop and even in the car.

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