PHD in 2021: January Report

How are you doing with your PHD in 2021? So far I have 3 UFOs completed, but I feel like I’m cheating. Two of them (the Holiday Seclusion Mysteries) were started in December and were easy finishes. The Winnie the Pooh panel was a quick finish as well. I’m trying to go through my panels and get them quilted and gone. All of my New Starts, except for the March Island Batik project are completed. So, there isn’t any new UFOs developing in that area!

My 2021 UFO finishes. You can read about them HERE, HERE and HERE.

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Spirit Bear Quilts is using a technique called Kanban to help her focus. I had not heard of Kanban prior to Spirit Bear blogging about it. Visit THIS BLOG POST to read about how she is using it and also see the link for further explanation.

Sharon @ Ms. P. Designs has a colourful task list spreadsheet … it’s free for you to download! I know in the past, several people have found this spreadsheet very useful.

NOW … what I want you to do …. follow the questions below:

If you answered “YES” to any of the questions – give yourself a cheer “Well done!

If you answer “YES” in the orange, Great! You are making progress!

If you answered “NO” in the orange block … I want you to do some analysis. Answer the following questions as honestly as you can. This is just for YOU … you don’t have to tell me what’s happening. I just want YOU to know why the UFOs are sitting there, not touched.

  • Why didn’t I work on an UFO?
  • Do I hate them all?
  • Do I really want to decrease my UFOs?
  • Would I be happy if I gave some of my UFOs away (for someone else to finish)?
  • Did I start too many new projects?
  • Have I been to ill (mentally or physically) to work on them?

Answering the above questions MAY help you to understand why you’re not working on UFOs.

Rainbow Scrap Table Topper

January’s colour is pink. I do not decorate with pink. Nothing even close to pink. Ever. So, to fulfil this months Table Topper challenge, I used my embroidery machine and made a pretty mug rug. It is a free pattern from Kreative Kiwi. The pattern has “Happy Mother’s Day” written on it, but I obviously skipped the saying. This was such a quick little project that it didn’t even make it to my “New Start” list!

I used scraps of Island Batik fabric and Hobbs 80/20 batting for this project.

Design Wall


#1 I’m still working on the SAHRR but can’t show you any current pictures. Want to know more about the SAHRR? check it out HERE. We started the reveal of our centre blocks last week. See my centre block and the centre blocks that many others have made HERE! Tomorrow, we’re showing the 3rd round! There will be a link on Anja’s blog for everyone showing their 3rd row!. Be sure to check out all of the bloggers that are co-hosting with me! Here’s the list:

#2 I’m working on my March Island Batik project. Sorry, no pictures yet!

#3 Moorewood Mystery: Block A are all pieced. The final clue comes out on Thursday … and I hope to work on it! You can learn more about the Moorewood mystery quilt HERE.


I’m quilting the current guild mystery quilt. Sorry, but until the guild members have the final clue, I can’t show it to you. I don’t want to ruin their surprise!

Stash Report


Nothing finished, nothing bought!

  • Fabric Used this week      0  yards
  • Fabric Used this year:        5 yards
  • Fabric Bought this week:  0  yards
  • Fabric Added this year:      9 yards  (my husbands amounts as well)
  • Net Fabric used                   – 4 yards
  • Husband’s purchases:  0 yards (which are added into my total amount of Fabric added this year). For those of you who don’t know … my husband often buys more fabric than I do … so, I’m keeping track! Unfortunately, he doesn’t sew!

Stitchin’ Time

I’m aiming for at least 30 minutes a day.

I have stitched for over 30 minutes each day

  • January –  31 / 31
  • Percentage = 100 % 

For more Stitchin’ Time, you can check out Kate’s blog: Life in Pieces


I’m linking up to Roseanne & Sue’s “TO DO” Tuesday. Their blog is “Home Sewn by Us.”

Last week:

Total success this week!

  1. Finish piecing the current round of Stay at Home Round Robin √   done
  2. Start on the next round of Stay at Home Round Robin √   done
  3. Finish Piecing Moorewood Mystery Block A √   done
  4. Make the PINK table topper √   done
  5. Web the top for February’s Island Batik Challenge! √   done
  6. Tidy & clean studio for 30 minutes      √   done

This week’s list:

  1. Finish piecing the current round of Stay at Home Round Robin
  2. Start on the next round of Stay at Home Round Robin
  3. Work on the next Moorewood Mystery clue
  4. Work on March Island Batik challenge.
  5. Tidy & clean studio for 30 minutes

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting! 


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32 thoughts on “PHD in 2021: January Report

  1. Just found your blog and linked before I saw the rules for the Phd 2021, It looks to late to join for 2021 , but if it isnt, I am in. I already have an excel ufo list ( and a flimsy list , a ready to sew list, a next project list and a maybe next project list).
    Stay safe and sew on!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Deborah!
      So glad you stopped by! Yes, you can join in the PHD in 2021 … you’ve read the rules … you just have to show us which UFOs you’re going to work on (and yes, it can change) and you have to finish each project that you start in 2021. You can start linking up next month …
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  2. That was a good exercise and I’m happy to say that I could check off “Yes” for completed a UFO. Yippee! Love the Moorewood Mystery quilt and I’m looking forward to seeing the guild mystery quilt too!

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  3. One UFO done in January, and I don’t think I remembered to mention it in the blog post. I almost didn’t put it on my UFO list, it was for a blog hop and therefore had to get done. But I’ll take finishes where I get them! Love that rose mug rug!

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  4. I’ll tell you why nothing got done, I am looking forward to a total hip replacement in March, then as soon after that as I can get it scheduled a total knee on the same side. So I’m just not up to much.

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  5. Panel or not, a finish is a finish! Lots of great progress you’ve made and I like the UFO flow-chart – for me, I often get stumped with the quilting as I don’t know how I want to quilt a top and am a little afraid of ruining it – I continue to work on that to get more and more finished. Hope you have a great February!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Jennifer!
      When I’m stumped with how to quilt a quilt … I ask my friends for advice … and sometimes I take there advice, and sometimes I don’t!!! Friends are always willing to give free advice! 🙂


  6. Hi Gail! It’s just the end of January and you already have THREE UFOs finished. That’s just fabulous. Your SAHRR project is coming along nicely with one more Round being shared tomorrow – can’t wait to see it. Thanks in advance for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Roseanne!
      Well, like I said, they were easy finishes … once I get started on that promised (years ago) t-shirt quilt, the finishes will SLOW down!!! I’m liking the SAHRR … but it does take time!!! Good thing I started ahead of the game!!! 🙂
      Thanks for hosting “To Do”!!!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂

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  7. Oooh, 100% sewing days for January! Way to go! And your stash is a 5 yd. loss, so that’s good, too. You’ve certainly been busy. I did finish a UFO – yay!

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  8. Yay for you, off to a good start, which as you know gives you momentum! I’m hoping for my first UFO finish this afternoon, but it’s been a crazy month, so I’m not going to beat myself up too much if I don’t manage to finish, I will get two done in February to make up for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Pamela … I’m glad to hear that you’re NOT beating yourself up!!! Progress is basically what counts!!!
      Good luck finishing your UFO this afternoon!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


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  10. I like your Kanban style of answering questions about UFO 😉 And I love your cute mug rug, so sweet! Congratulations on your 100% success on last week’s list!
    Thank you for linking up with Patchwork & Quilts today.

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