The Quilt Keeper

I was contacted by Ellen this summer. She sent me a Quilt Keeper and asked me to blog about my experience with it.

So, who’s Ellen? Ellen Taurins is a quilter who originally designed the Quilt Keeper for hanging her own quilts. She’s obviously a very clever lady!

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the quality of the product! It is superb! It is extremely well build and very professional looking! I hung a variety of my favourite Island Batik quilts and took pictures. Don’t they look lovely hanging on the back of the door?

There is a video HERE that will explain how easy it is to use.

The Quilt Keeper will fit any regular door! It comes with foam inserts should you need to adjust it at the top (I didn’t). It’s very easy to hang and switch out the quilts. It actually took me longer to fold each quilt than it did to hang it! So simple to use! If you’re looking for a way to store some of your quilts and show off some of your quilts – this might just be what you’re looking for!

Ellen has a facebook page where you can see many more pictures of the Quilt Keeper! There’s even one with a Christmas quilt and a red bow … makes me think it might make a wonderful Christmas gift for a quilter in your life! Or for yourself!

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting!    

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  2. This looks amazing! I’m thinking it would be great for the back of my bedroom door. I’ve won a King-sized quilt at the local quilt show and I would love to be able to hang it up when I don’t need it on the bed.

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