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As 2017 comes to an end, I’m thinking over the past year.  Lots of ups and downs – with a needle and thread.  I want to thank all of YOU for visiting my blog, commenting and supporting me in my quilting endeavours. I’m looking forward to a fun year in 2018 as I, and others, work on completing their PHDs!


The list of participants in the PHD in 2018 challenge is at the top of my blog.  Including me, there are 5 of us aiming for the certificate.  You can see the details HERE.  You have until January 10 to join and send me your list via instagram, Pinterest or Blog.

Here is the list:

Terry is working on a project and would like some advice.  Visit her latest post and give your opinion. Here post is  HERE.



In the last few days, I managed to get 2 quilts sandwiched.  As you see below,  my daughter’s dog “Fergie” decided that she wanted to help sandwich it.


This quilt was made from 2 packages of flannel fat quarters that I bought a LONG time ago at Craft Warehouse (?) near Portland, Oregon.  I always planned to make a rag quilt with the fabric, but wasn’t impressed with the work it would take to cut the “rags”.  Even with the Accuquilt – each block would have had to be done separately because of the heaviness of the flannel,  Sew – the plan changed and this became a disappearing 4 patch.  The backing is also flannel.  I can’t wait until it’s finished! It should be nice and cozy.


This quilt is under the machine right now. It is primarily made with scraps from other people.  It did nothing to reduce MY own scrap pile.  In making this quilt, I realize that I don’t WANT any more scraps!  But I must admit, it’s fun to sew with other peoples fabrics! unknown-jpg   It will take a bit of time to get this one quilted. I’m doing small feather wreaths in the white blocks and outlining the coloured blocks. Slow going!



The other day, I was almost caught up with “On Ringo Lake” and thought I had a week to finish Clue 6.  But, to my surprise and likely everyone else’s – Clue 7 came out yesterday and Clue 8 came out today … Needless to say – I am not caught up! And, I suspect the final reveal will come out tomorrow.  The picture on the left is the remaining Clue 6 to sew together.  At the top of the picture is a few Clue 7.  The picture on the right is the Clue 8 – the block … And I just noticed that the middle bottom block is upside down!  Good thing it’s not sewn together yet!  Image result for smiley face


Well, I’ve got a lot of sewing to do and absolutely nothing will be finished before the New Year rings in.

Stash Report

As of tomorrow, January 1,  I’m starting off my Stash Report at “0”

Fabric Used this Week:     0  yards  
Fabric Used year to Date:  0  yards
Fabric Added this Week:    0  yards 
Fabric Added Year to Date:  0 yards
Net Fabric used for 2017:   0 yards  

PHD in 2018  //  UFO tally

I have 57 UFOs …  SEW – to get my PHD this year, I will complete 1/2 of the UFOs and finish all new projects that I start in 2018.

Total finished: 0

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Happy Quilting in 2018!



25 thoughts on “PHD in 2018 – update

  1. I guess I’m a bit slow, took me a while to realise Projects half done! I know I have several, just trying to figure out a list first. Thanks for the prompt and inspiration.


  2. I, too, like the scrappy flannel. Why do dogs and cats and babies always have to be right in the MIDDLE of what we’re doing? LOL Cute dog, though. Can forgive it a lot for cuteness factor. Best of luck on your PHD!


    • Thanks Susan! I know the dog is cute. She actually goes to work with my daughter. She’s the “Chief Happiness Officer”, has her own business cards and is one of the “employees” on the company’s website! 🙂


  3. Love your scrappy flannel quilt! Good luck on your PHD project. I have been working for n UFOs this year too. I have made some progress, but I still have a long way to go. I have many quilt tops to quilt. I seem to get stuck at that stage. Thanks for linking up with Pieceful Sunday!


  4. Good luck with your PHD projects. I think you will make some nice progress. I have been working on UFOs for a few years and am pleased that the list goes down. Working in a quilt store meant lots of temptation and lots of projects. I am getting there!


    • Thanks Kathleen. Working around lovely fabric is definitely a HUGE temptation! I’m glad to hear that your UFOs are decreasing. Mine went up this year – thus, I knew I had to do something drastic! Hopefully the PHD project will be the motivation I need! Happy New Year!


  5. I really like that flannel quilt! Fergie is pretty cute too. Wishing you lots of success in 2018. Here’s hoping we both get our PhD next year (fingers crossed). Have a very happy New Year!


  6. Happy New Year Gail! Sounds like you have plans to make 2018 a years of finishes. I wish you lots of success – I have never had much luck with finishes 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!


  7. Your Irish Chain quilt is beautiful. It is the perfect way to use up so many scraps — yours or others. You are so right that it is more fun to sew with other people’s scraps. I’m sure they were happy to see them used so well.


    • Thanks Angela … the other’s haven’t seen them yet … most of them were gathered from retreats and guild classes … I’m sure when I take it to the guild for show & tell – they’ll be looking for their scraps. 🙂


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