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My sister, Lynn,  is starting to quilt!!!  Finally!!!!  She has taken a class at Lori’s Country Cottage near Edmonton.  Here are pictures of her homework from the first 4 classes, from cutting to a flimsy:

Lynn is determined to quilt her own quilt.  (YEAH!!)  She’s obviously MY sister!  She couldn’t believe that everyone else in her class was going to “quilt by cheque.”  I can’t believe it either.  To me, even simple quilting should be taught as part of the process of making a quilt.  They did teach binding on samples the teacher had put together.

SEW, to practice her quilting, she decided to make a large bag to tote all her “stuff” in.  We all need one for rules and mats, right?  She choose a free internet pattern that calls for canvas.  She layered her cotton and quilted it with her walking foot and substituted this fabric for the canvas. The first pic is of her walking foot quilting and the 2nd is of Lynn and her new bag!  Which she says all her stuff fits in!


I have 2 cousins that quilt.  One is Terry who blogs at TLC Quilts The other is Connie, who does not blog.  We are all quite different with our approaches to quilting.  Both Connie and Terry tend to finish the quilts that they start.  Me?  Well, there is a good reason that I have the PHD in 2018 in progress.  (I need to decrease my UFOs and not start any new ones!)

Terry & Connie both live in Ontario, I live on the West Coast … sew, we do not see each other often.  However, occasional emails and Facebook posts keep us connected. They are both talented quilters and I admire all of their work.


Quilter’s Through the Generations … Melva has posted about me & my grandma’s quilting history.  Check it out HERE.






Stash Report

No finishes this week.  No shopping … no changes from last week.

Fabric Used this Week:    8.5  yards  
Fabric Used year to Date:  163.85  yards
Fabric Added this Week:     0  yards 
Fabric Added Year to Date: 49 yards
Net Fabric used for 2017:  114.85  yards 

PHD in 2018

One of the requirements to achieve PHD In 2018 is to complete what you start in 2018.  The idea is to decrease the UFO list, not add to it.  I have now included a list of my starts in 2018 and which ones are finished.  Not too bad … 7 starts with 4 finished … doable, I’d say!  Oh – but I still have 11 UFOs to finish … best get busy with my sewing machine!

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 2.29.21 PM

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Happy Quilting!





29 thoughts on “Family Quilters

  1. Nothing more in is good! I think you’re doing an amazing job on your PhD this year. More than half done at the almost-halfway point in the year.

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    • Hi Vicki,
      It is fun! I just wish we didn’t live so far apart! It’s a 12 hour drive to get to her house … not something I do very often!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  2. I had to leave you a comment when I saw that you mentioned Lori’s Country Cottage. This was my neighbourhood quilt shop and I went there when it was in three different locations in Sherwood Park, although I think it was called Loris fabric cottage at the first one. I also took my first quilting class there and had more than one flimsy quilted by the extremely talented crew of that shop…and one of them really encouraged me to learn to hand quilt which I did for many years. So nice to see your sisters quilt and learn about her projects. I’m so glad you posted.

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    • Hi Velda!
      How fun that you also went to the same store for your first quilting class! I’ll have to make sure that my sister sees your comment!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  3. Hi Gail,
    YAY Lynn! Great job on your first quilt and excellent, usable bag. I agree – I have always quilted all the quilts I’ve made until last year’s five queen size quilts in five months. Now I’m back to doing it myself again, although these have been smaller sized. Great job Gail on conquering your UFOs. I’m proud of you! Happy Sunday! ~smile~ Roseanne

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    • Hi!
      My sister has never made fun of all my fabric! And she, too, has a small, very small stash!
      I’m hoping that she will come visit and take a liking to some of my stash! 🙂
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


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  5. Love Lynn’s bag and quilt! Not looking like a beginner….I guess that’s because it’s in her genes and she has your influence!!
    So glad she’s quilting her own….to me that’s important! Must be why we are family!
    Loving my new embroidery quilt Flower Dance. Using bright batiks on white. Just wish I had more time to sew!!

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    • Hi Connie,
      When we were kids, Lynn was way ahead of me with sewing … she designed her own blouses and everything. She’s just getting started! Whoohoo!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  6. Fun to see you on Melva’s blog and do know ch fun to have another quilting sister. Congrats to her for wanting to tackle the quilting.

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  7. Lynn did a fantastic job!! Did she enjoy the process enough to want to do another right away?
    I have this dream that (at some point) we will plan a quilting retreat with our family. I can just picture it…renting the Park Head hall, tables set up in the dining room all ready for sewing stations, cutting stations, pressing stations.. The hall has a kitchen, and overnight accommodations, for the few of us who dont live nearby, are already taken care of. 😉

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    • I love your dream!!!! Love it! I’m sure Connie & Lynn will as well!!! YES!!! Absolutely YES!!! And perhaps we could invite others in the family to join us and try their hand at a simple table runner or something! And the knitters could also join us (I know there is a few!) But even if it was just the 4 of us … FUN .. FUN … FUN … let me know when you’ve arranged it and I’ll try to arrange my life so I can come! 🙂


  8. Looks like your sister jumped in with both feet. Her bag turned out beautifully. She’ll do well with her first quilt. You are doing so well on your PhD this year.

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