PHD in 2018 – October Report

H A P P Y    H A L L O W E E N !

OK…. Sew today is the last day of October … Halloween!  That means that I need to report on my PHD in 2018 and the progress of those that joined in the fun!

Hmmm, I’m not thoroughly impressed with what I got finished in October.  But I did finish 2 projects that were started in 2018 (Wonky Logs and Giraffe) … and 2 more are in progress …  When they are done, I will focus on the UFOs left.


Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 3.57.11 PM

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 2.21.53 PM

When I look at the chart above, I am actually very thrilled with the fact that except for Fireburst, I have completed every single 2018 start!!! (And Fireburst is ALMOST done!)

Still, I have 4 UFOs to complete!  Hopefully they will be done on time!

Here’s how other participants in PHD in 2018 are doing:

  • Deena from Dreamworthy Quilts has been progressing nicely!  She started off with 10 UFOs, all but 2 are completed.  And of her 2018 starts – she has 3 left to complete! Wonderful progress!  See here report HERE.
  • Terry, my cousin in Ontario has had a lot going on in her life.  In her Oct 14 post, she said “Life took a turn in July.”  And, I know it took another turn in late October, and we got to see each other for hugs and a quilty chat.  She is courageously moving forward and has almost reached her goals!
  • Kate from “Life in Pieces”  is doing well with her 15 minutes of stitching a day!  She’s maintaining an over 94% average!  Way to go Kate!  She’s also working on the cutest Christmas mystery quilt from her LQS – go check out her blog.
  • Ann from “Laughing Gas Quilts”  has finished her first quilt!  Well, she’s made a LOT of quilts, but her first quilt is finally finished!  You can read about it HERE. And what do you think? Is it a baby quilt?
  • Emily from “the Darling Dogwood” recently made a Happy Birthday Banner!  The pattern for the cake came from a magazine from 2000.  I think that should be considered a UFO finish, don’t you?  (grin)
  • Roseanne, from “Home Sewn By US” finished her Las Vegas Leaves quilt that has been 20 years in the making!  Isn’t it a great feeling to finish off those OLD UFOs?
  • Elizabeth, from “Appliqué and …. knitting, stitchery, genealogy, food” has been pretty quiet in blog-land, so I’m not sure what’s happening with her PHD.
  • Terry, my cousin from Ontario, hasn’t posted for awhile.  I know she’s had a LOT going on in her life, so I’ll give her leeway for now! Her blog is TLC Quilts: Sew What’s Next?
  • Susan, from California, is following along by Instagram.  Go to her Instagram page to see her finishes.

PHD in 2019?

Several people have asked if I will be doing this again next year!  The answer is YES!!!  I’ve tackled a LOT of UFOs this year and have almost finished each and every start.  I still have a LOT of UFOs left …  36 according to my Excel spreadsheet – but that doesn’t include the 4 that I found recently … which brings that total up to 40.  UGGG … that’s still toooooo many UFOs.

I have enjoyed the challenge of finishing every single project that I started in 2018!  I haven’t added to the UFO list that way.  I know that there are a few of them that wouldn’t have gotten finished and there was probably a lot of other projects I would have liked to have started.  For example Sandra from mmm! Quilts has a fun thing Linky party happening, it’s called “DRop Everything And Make It” (DREAMI) Oh SEW tempting!!!  But not happening! 🙂

New Bonnie Hunter Mystery

It’s called Good Fortune.  The colour clues are out … blue, green, red, orange, and neutral.  The orange will use the most fabric … I don’t know if I will follow her colours or not … I have a few weeks to decide and will let you know my progress as I go along.  And, just for the record, this start will not be finished in 2018, (impossible to do so) and will be added to my 2019 UFO list.

I just went to find my colour wheel – it helps me when I’m choosing alternative colours … but I’ve lent it to someone and can’t remember who?

If you want to join in the mystery – do so!  But, you don’t have to follow everything to the letter!  A friend of mine, Diane L,  usually does ½ of the clues and ends up with a lovely lap sized quilt.  Joining in on Bonnie’s mysteries is an awesome way to get tips and hints of how to do your quilting better!  That’s part of why I LOVE them!

Happy Quilting!


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9 thoughts on “PHD in 2018 – October Report

  1. I’m loving this PhD! It’s helped keep me focused. I still started a lot of projects in 2019, but they were mostly small or baby quilts for kids I didn’t know were on the way! I’ve got 3 quilts started in 2018 thatI need to finish to qualify–I’ve finished half of my original UFOs already.

    My magazine was from 2000, but the project was new! I had been wanting to make a birthday banner recently and remembered I had a cake pattern in a magazine somewhere. I’m just glad I found it! I’ve got it on my 2018 project list.

    It’s great to see everyone’s progress! Thanks for the fun motivation!

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    • Hi Emily!
      I’m glad that the PhD has helped you focus and get projects finished. That’s the ultimate goal.
      I can tell you’re honest – not counting the birthday banner as a UFO, like I suggested! Hee hee!

      The participants have also motivated me to keep on getting the UFOs done. Since I headed the UFO in 2018, I sort of feel like I need to keep working on it!

      Keep on Quilting! 🙂


  2. This was a lovely read, Gail! It was fun for me to see who and how many people participated. Having to finish all of my starts this year was a superb challenge that really helped me SEW MUCH! As could be seen from my recent post, I started more this year than I had on my list.

    I have been working for about 3 years now to get those UFO’s done. I will definitely want to participate again next year!

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