PHD in 2020: March 1 Progress Report

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Two months of the year are over … but that leaves 10 more months to complete IMG_6222everything!  Lots of time!  Well, I hope that’s lots of time!

I haven’t finished any more UFOs since my last report, but one is close.  A couple more hours of quilting and then trimming and binding.  It is close … sew close …

I did have 2 new starts since the mid-Feb report.  “Dust off your Book” was started and is now finished.  I’ll be posting about it on March 2.  And, I did start the March Island Batik project.  I’m loving it!  But it has a ways to go before completion!

I just realized that I did a few embroidery projects that were not on the “Starts in 2020” list!  But they did get finished!

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Completing Projects

In previous posts, I’ve talked about various stratigies to helping you manage your UFOs …

  1. Analysis analysisHERE.

  2. Track your Progress Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 11.20.40 AM   PHD-Tally-with-formulas 2020  

  3. Assistance from other Blogs  HERE

  4. Focus

Today …  Be Selective

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 10.49.09 AMOne of the major reasons we have UFOs is that we are excited about starting something new!  Face it, we LOVE to create and starting something new is exciting and can be totally DISTRACTING!!!  When starting a new project, we need to assess our own situation.

I’ve said this before,Raewyn from StitchingFarmGirl told me that when she’s tempted to start a new project she “look(s) at my big list of things to achieve that’s hanging on the wall (in full view) – it’s easy then to sigh and say ‘next time’…!

Having your list in plain sight helps to remind you of what you need to do.  Now, also remember, this is a list that YOU have chosen.  You didn’t give any of those projects away, so we assume that YOU want to finish them.  Right?

SEW, when starting a new project, be selective.  Of course, if you’re doing the PHD in 2020, then you need to assess if you can finish it this year.  If it’s a new technique you want to try, consider making a table runner instead of a queen or king size quilt!

Linky Party

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10 thoughts on “PHD in 2020: March 1 Progress Report

  1. It does really help to look over the UFO list when contemplating something new. It’s also been helpful for me to identify those favorite quilt alongs that I really, really enjoy and give myself permission to do those each year. That way I don’t feel completely deprived of getting to start something new.

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    • Hi Kate,
      I agree, we need to do things that we enjoy! There’s no fun in just working on boring tasks!
      Enjoy your quilt-alongs while working on your UFOs!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  2. You’re powering through you list again, while still taking on new projects! Well done, you. Those embroidered initials on corners look beautiful, as do the bookmarks. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll tackle next.

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  3. Thanks Gail for featuring my UFO NDC on your blog along with many other great links to keep us finishing up things! I love all of the great encouragement and advice you have shared with us. I especially love this PHD challenge! I am working on a post. I will likely link up tomorrow!

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  4. HI Gail – hehe I’m still looking at my list and deciding not to be tempted by (too many) other things – ie being selective – A great concept! I’ve also not made any major progress since my mid-month link up but it’s motivating to link up all the same! Happy March 🙂

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    • Well, Raewyn, if you’re being selective – that’s super great!
      Glad you’re linking up, even if you haven’t made any major progress! Perhaps March will motivate you more! 🙂
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


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