One Die Wonder

fullsizeoutput_c91This month’s Island Batik challenge is to use the Accuquilt die we were given in January.

Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 3.31.56 PM.png
I recieved the “Glorified Nine Patch” die.  At first, I was not thrilled to recieve it.  There are curves … yes, CURVES, and I was not a friend of curves.  But, I decided that I needed to become friends with curves and the guild was offering a curves workshop.  I signed up.  During the workshop I learned a few tricks to sewing curves.  One of the biggest stumbling block for me is that curves take TIME.  No speeding through at 100 miles / hour (or however fast my machine can sew.)

When I finally decided on the fabric to use for this quilt, I was quilting with friends.  Darcy happened to have a Go! Big Electric Fabric cutter.  Oh wow!  It was great to use it.  I could layer 8 batik fabrics and it sliced through them with ease!  My cutter will do 6, which is just fine for me.  But when I had 140 yellow and 140 lights to cut, layering 8 layers made quick work of it!  Thank you, Darcy, for letting me use it!

Below is a picture of the Accuquilt die (left) and the die on the cutter with fabric pieces on it.

I designed this quilt on EQ7.  I couldn’t find a “glorified 9 patch block” or an “improved 9 patch block,” so I drew my own.  I’m not sure if it’s perfectly to scale, but it was good enough for my purpose!

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 4.03.04 PM

Then I just coloured in the blocks … even though I no longer have some of the fabrics, or enough of some of them to make the quilt, this gave me a starting point.

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 4.05.53 PM

I gathered up my “fall” coloured Island Batik fabrics and cut out the pieces.  Some of them are from the “Soil & Seeds” collection by Kathy Engle, some are from basics and the rest were in my Island Batik box without a sticker on them.   Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough fabric that coordinated with the fabrics I chose to make this quilt much bigger. (Interesting, when my daughter saw the quilt, she said, “it’s a nice spring quilt, mom.”)  I guess the lighter green fabric lends itself to the spring-like touch!

The sides of the blocks were placed on my design board. And I made one block, just to make sure it would be what I wanted.  It was.


Sewing this quilt took some organization.  I numbered and pinned each of the centre portions because it would be a total mess (not to mention a LOT of unsewing!) if the colours got mixed up.  But, if you know me, I LOVE challenges like this!

Sewing took TIME.  Curves take TiME.  But each block got made. One stitch at a time!

Cutting these blocks with the Accuquilt ensured that the pieces were cut perfectly!  The notches matched perfectly.  And, as you can see, 3 of the corners turned out almost perfect – the 4 th corner, not so much …  (I NEVER have said I’m perfect! … and it says so at the top of my blog!) However, I can NOT imagine trying to make this block using templates! Using a Go cutter is the only way to go!IMG_6219

Here is the quilt with 3 rows in order, 4 more rows to go!


The thread I chose to quilt this with is Aurifil #2205.  It is a very light light peach colour that went well with all the fabrics.  I did not want the thread to say “here I am,” but I’m becoming a huge fan of having the thread as a subtle contrast on the light /white, fabric.  I quilted a ¼” on each side of the petals and stitched in the ditch through them.  I did an “orange peel” flower in the brown squares, followed by a circle surrounding them.

I used Hobbs 80/20 for the batting.  I absolutely LOVE this batting!

My husband and I went to Cresent Beach to attempt a photo shoot.

It was late in the day and I wasn’t impressed with the natural colour distortion.  But it is what it is.  We did see and eagle fishing and it landed in a tree above us.  Can you see it in the picture?


\Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 3.45.44 PM

Disclaimer: The products featured in this Blog post were given to me by Island Batik, and their co-sponsers Aurifil, Hobbs Batting & AccuQuilt!  

I was Featured!image

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting! 


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15 thoughts on “One Die Wonder

  1. Wow, Gail! You’ve really come to embrace curves! I love this, and I admit that I agree with your daughter that it looks spring like to me, I think it’s the yellow as the most prominent color. Regardless of season, this is lovely! I’ve never worked with an electric Go! cutter and it sounds like it’s amazing from what you describe.

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    • Hi Emily,
      After working with the electric Go! cutter, if I didn’t have the one I had and was considering buying one, I would definitely consider the electric one! It was pretty slick!
      I agree that it does look like spring … but we do see fall colours in the spring as well!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  2. Beautiful….I’m sucker for Batiks 🙂 I love the glorified nine patch block…I’m still on the fence about purchasing a Accuquilt system…I know in the long run it’s more convenient — if I didn’t own so many rulers the decision would a no brainer.

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  3. It looks great, Gail. I really want that Storm at Sea die – but for now it doesn’t fit in my budget.
    The orange peel flower quilting nicely echos the shapes in the quilt.

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  4. Hi Gail! What an impressive quilt. It looks so HARD. All those curves! Great job on getting it complete and I have to agree with your daughter. It does look rather Spring-ish especially with that lovely light yellow border. It looks nice and snuggly. ~smile~ Roseanne

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