PHD in 2020: Mid March Progress Report

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Sew how are YOU doing with your PHD in 2020?

In the past we’ve talked about:

1.  Analysis analysisHERE.

2. Track your Progress Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 11.20.40 AM   PHD-Tally-with-formulas 2020

3. Assistance from other Blogs  HERE

4.  Focus :  HERE.Image result for clipart focus

5.  Be Selective Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 10.49.09 AM

6.  Today: STOP Being a PERFECTIONIST!

Image result for StopOk … OK … I know that you are going to say “Gail, that’s easy for you to say, because you’re NOT a perfectionist!”  Yes, I know I’m not … but I really, really, really don’t understand when people take things out because the point is 2 threads off of perfect.  I get it when the point is 1/4″ off, or even 1/8″ off, maybe even 1/16″ … but in the whole scheme of things – NO ONE is going to notice the 2 threads difference.  I get taking stitching out when it’s bad and not what you want … but 2 threads?  … seriously!

Did you know that Perfectionism sets you up to fail?  Mostly because NOTHING is perfect.   Perfectionism limits your creativity and the willingness to take risks and TRY.  It may also be what’s holding you back from finishing that last UFO.

Get it out that UFO that’s your stumbling block … work on it … try to not let the 2 threads ruin your enjoyment.  Fudge and ease in that seam … it’ll be fine in the end – you won’t even notice it!  I promise!

Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 11.47.00 AM2 UFO finishes

I went to try out a new sewing machine.  (Yes, I did end up buying it! More details in another post).  But what better way to test out a sewing machine than to take a few UFOs?  The Sunflower placemats were great to try quilting, piecing binding together, and sewing binding on.  The Orange/Green Baby quilt was good for doing more quilting.  As soon as the machine was set up, I finished the projects!  I also took some straight piecing to try out the 1300 stitches/minute!  It works like a charm!



A close-up of the fox.  It is with the orange thread … I used a Janome app, took a picture of a fox on the white fabric, drew the fox and transferred it to my embroidery machine.  It stitched out ok.  I still need to do some work on it.


To be honest, I almost feel a little guilty at finishing these 2 small projects in one week, when I have SEW many others to finish that take more time.  However, they are done and now off the to do list!  At this rate – I’m sure I’ll get more than 12 UFOs finished this year … and that’s OK with me!

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12 thoughts on “PHD in 2020: Mid March Progress Report

  1. Ooooh, new sewing machine! Fun! I like your place mats but I LOVE your fox quilt! What a simple but effective layout! What size are the HST units? And that fox stitched in the middle is fantastic!!!!!!

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  3. Ooo! A new machine? I can’t wait to hear about it! Truth be told, while I love my janome 7700, I’m getting a little tired of it. It seems slow.
    Looking forward to your reveal post!

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