Again, a No-Finish Friday

But that’s OK …

Lots of things are in the works …

Tumbler quilt

is ready for sandwiching … the back is strips of left-over fabric from the quilt …


2 UFO Dog and Cat Quilts

The one on the left is in the process of getting sandwiched … the one on the right is next in line for sandwiching – after I figure out the backing.   These were both webbed together as a Leader and Ender project as I worked on the tumbler quilt.

These quilts were suppose to be one quilt.  When I did the layout, I realized that I had enough blocks to do 2 quilts … one is 8 x 6 blocks and the other is 6 x 6 blocks.

Summer Solstice

Is still being quilted …


One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting!   


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18 thoughts on “Again, a No-Finish Friday

  1. The tumbler quilt is very soothing, my kinda colors. Don’t sweat the no Friday finish, you have already accomplished a lot this year. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

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    • Thanks, Denise! I really am not worrying that I don’t have a Friday finish … but I do have tons on the go, so I know that eventually, I’ll get them done! 🙂
      Thanks for hosting Put your foot down!


  2. The tumbler quilt turned out beautifully! You are so close to several finishes, it probably will be a Finished up Friday next week.

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  3. I love the tumbler quilt. The fabric colors are so soft and summery. Making too many blocks was a nice bonus. Any animal lover would want one of these quilts. The black frames really highlight the prints nicely.

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