Holidays … Part 1: off grid

Yes, HOLIDAYS! We loaded up the camper and went to northern BC and then over to Alberta … I’ll tell you more about a few of the visits in future blog posts, but this is about our first stop …

Off Grid

We visited some friends that live in the wilds of northern British Columbia and they are off-grid. We had a wonderful time. They have a parcel of land and have homesteaded and … well, it’s just great. If you want to know more, visit their website or youtube channel and watch some of their videos …

An exciting part for me was Christina and her quilt. (I forgot to ask, but I think she’s about 14 or 15). She has an electric sewing machine (they have power from solar panels) and she is making a quilt for one of her sisters. This is the first quilt she has made. No rotary cutter … totally cut with scissors … What a LOT of work!!!

The pictures were taken with natural light from outside … Here’s a closeup of the piecing … I was in awe!!! Where the pieces are suppose to meet up – they are PERFECT!

Here is a picture of Christina – about to measure the width of the quilt because she wants to add borders to make it bigger.

I can’t wait to see the finished quilt!

It’s in the Bag Blog Hop

Week 2 of the blog hop is finished! What an awesome week with many wonderful bags! To see all the bags, go to this POST and follow all the links.

Go HERE to have an opportunity to win some AWESOME Island Batik Fabric!

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting!    


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  3. They live quite an interesting life there off the grid. I watched one video and part of another. Personally, I don’t want all the inconveniences – but it would be fun to visit. And for the kids growing up that way, they will be strong and confident.

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    • Hi Gene,
      They certainly started off with LOTs of inconveniences … now, with Solar power (that runs freezers and a fridge) it’s a lot easier. However, they do cook on a wood stove … I’m totally in awe of what they accomplish and how they’re raising their girls!
      Happy Creating! 🙂


    • Hi Rebecca,
      Yes, this is Christina’s first quilt! Amazing, eh?
      Off-grid is a LOT of work … they have goats (goat milk), pigs, chickens and horses. A huge garden, a huge greenhouse. In spite of the work, they have a lot of fun! Check out their youtube channel – it’s amazing.


  4. Hi Gail! How wonderful to see a young lady getting into quilting in a big way. Just think of all the quilts she has ahead of her and all the fabrics. She chose a beautiful color palette to work with. I am certain her sister will love the quilt when she is finished. I hope you can give us an update when it’s complete! ~smile~ Roseanne

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