SAHRR – Round # 7

Just to remind you … SAHRR is Stay AHome Round Robin. If you missed the previous posts about this year’s SAHRR – you can see them

Today is the day that I tell you to add pinwheels. If you take a close look, you will see that I changed my log cabin layout from last week. (See HERE). I put 4 of them together to make a diamond … It helped to make the quilt longer and not square. I really like the look!

For the Pinwheels, I used the Accuquilt die # 4 of the 8″ Cube set. I wanted the half-square triangles to be bigger than the ones in the stars. It worked! Since I was working with awesome Island Batik Fabric, I didn’t have to worry a lot about bias!

I will be adding 6″ white borders onto the top and bottom and 3″ white borders onto the sides.

Again, I continued to use a variety of fabrics from Island Batik’s Ohana collection. I hope I have enough scraps to bind it! It’s getting close!

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SAHRR Linky Party

Here is a Linky Party to link your flimsy. MARK you calendars for March 29th !!! I will have a linky party for everyone to show their final quilts or tops!

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Happy Quilting!    

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32 thoughts on “SAHRR – Round # 7

  1. The pinwheels were such a fun addition. My top is almost complete. Do we need to have the quilting and binding done by the March 29 link up? Thanks again for organizing such a fun project.

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    • Hi Juliann!
      I’m glad that you’re enjoying the pinwheels!!!
      No, the quilting / binding doesn’t have to be done … just the top. However, if you do get it quilted, that’s no problem. Some of us actually need the push to get the quilt finished. (Speaking of myself! 🙂 )

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  2. I love how you added the extra log cabins on top and bottom to make a diamond, and of course I love the pinwheel blocks – one of my favorite and fun to make!! Thanks for hosting this and sharing. I would love to join you all next time! Make it soon!!!!


  3. I’ m looking for advice about my pinwheel center point. It seems very bulky. Is there a trick to getting it as flat as possible? I pressed all the seams to the dark and did the four square block trick of popping the edges out before pressing the point. Anything else I need to know?

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    • That’s a tricky one, Laura Kate! Often, I don’t worry too much about it. However, I have a couple of suggestions: 1) press all the seams open first (personally, I dislike pressing seams open) 2. Do the best you can. Press. Spray the centre with water. Press. Take a rubber mallet and hammer the seam. Spray and press. Hope one of these helps.

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      • Thanks for the suggestions. Next time I make pinwheels, I’ll try to use lighter weight fabric. I have a batik and a solid, and the batik is more than twice as light (thin) as the solid. So two batiks may be the answer.

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  4. You have such fabulous movement in this!!!! I love the pinwheels next to the friendship stars, and the way you turned the log cabins really makes that element eye-catching. I love this!!

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  5. Your top looks great. I think the two log cabin diamonds create a nice balance with your center block. I found that I have enough fabric to make pinwheels on all sides of my top. Today I cut the fabric, tomorrow I will start sewing.

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  6. Hi Gail! I love how your quilt top turned out especially the log cabin blocks on the outside border. The pinwheels all around the piece look to me like they are actually spinning or dancing. Love everything about it. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  7. I love your final quilt. I have the Accuquilt 8″ cube set, thanks for the tip! Thanks so much for thinking up this round robin!

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    • Hi Karin,
      Thank you! With the die I used, all of the triangles were bias – but because I was using Island Batik, I didn’t need to worry about it!
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the round robin! 🙂


    • Linda, you are your own worst critic!!! I found your round robin … and it looks great!!!! Don’t be so hard on yourself!!! (I’ll tell you a secret: look closely at my centre star … do you see the one point that got cut off? I decided quite early on that it wasn’t worth fixing … and no one has said anything … ) Enjoy your quilt! 🙂


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