PHD in 2019

PHD in 2019:  Quilting UFOs and Finishing New Projects

What’s a PHD you ask?

In quilting terms, it’s Project Half Done … or as Frédérique said, “Projects Has to be Done.”  Either definition is fine!  However, I think I like Frédérique’s definition best as some projects are past the half way mark and others are just barely started!

If you have a lot of UFOs – then consider joining us!  Get those UFOs (Projects Half Done) finished and make sure that you complete all of your 2019 starts (so that you don’t add to your UFO list).

Here’s what you need to do to join us:

  1. Make a list of at least 12 UFOs that you want to complete in 2019.
  2. Take a picture of them
  3. Post the pictures on
    • your blog
    • a Pinterest board
    • Instagram
  4. Keep track of your 2019 starts & finish them in 2019.  (There are exceptions: BOMs that continue into 2020, Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery, December starts)
  5. Report monthly on your progress.
  6. Feel great with those decreasing UFOs!
  7. Let me know by January 20, 2019 if you’re going to join in the challenge! (send me a link to your blog / instagram / pinterest page – you can email me or leave a comment below)  email:  quilting gail at yahoo dot ca     (with no spaces and @ for at and . for dot)

Here’s 12 of my UFOs that I hope to will finish this year:

  1. Ivan’s Diamonds, 2 colour – sandwiched, needs quilting and binding. Label is made. (Started in 2015)
  2. Carpenter’s Wheel / Star – flimsy is done – needs to be sandwiched, quilted and bound. Label is made. (Started in 2007)
  3. Winter table runner (all in pieces … but the idea is there!) (Started in 2016)
  4. Summer Solstice: the pieces are cut and ready for paper piecing (Started in 2016)
  5. Fractured Paint Brush: probably have close to 1/2 of the blocks done.  (Started in 2016)
  6. French General Layer Cake #1: Blocks are all made, just need to be trimmed and sashing added. (Started in 2012)
  7. Smith Mountain Morning: a Bonnie Hunter Quilt.  Started at a workshop with Bonnie.  Love the quilt! Not sure why it’s languishing … (Started in 2015)
  8. Scrappy repro pattern started with Diane from Oregon … not sure if she finished hers or not – but mine will get done!  It might just be a table topper … there are over 100 blocks made … I think they finish at 3 or 3½” (Started in 2014)
  9. Stack & Wack Big Star. This was started in a class over 10 years ago!  Another lady had the exact same fabric and our tops were TOTALLY different.  It was fun to see.   (Started in 2008)
  10. Ode to 30’s: Started with a group called “Krazy Kwilters.”  I have most of the 12″ pieced blocks done.  One needle-turn appliqué block is done.  When I started this, I did not know that there was a genre of fabrics called “30s,” so I chose fabrics that went with a fabric I like.  My plan is to make more 12″ pieced blocks, sash them and call it done.  I won’t be doing all the 6″ blocks … I’m making it simple so that it gets finished! (Started in 2009)
  11. Retreat Bag: Pieces are all cut … just need to put it together.  I’m thinking it should be a quick finish! Although, I did download how to put a divider in – so I might have to search for more fabric to finish this  (Started in 2017)
  12. Good Fortune Mystery: A 2018 start that is carrying over into 2019.  Some parts are completed … some aren’t started yet.
  13. Echo Lake T-shirt quilt … t-shirts still in the bag … I’ve had them for a couple of years now … I have made a few quilts and table runners to be auctioned off at Echo Lake fund raising events, and the camp director asked if I would make a t-shirt quilt for them.  Of course, fool that I am, I said “yes.”  I’ve never made a t-shirt quilt … guess it’s time to learn!

Wait !!!  That’s 13 … well, I need to give myself some slack …


I hope to complete a total of 20 UFOs in 2019.  I have 40 – so 20 will be half.  But I’m cutting myself some slack.  If I finish 12 – then I’ll have more time to play!

2019 Starts / Plans

And of course, I’ll be attempting to finish finishing every 2019 start.  And, I hope to use my stash as much as I can!

  1. Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 1.45.32 PMI plan to make a couple of quilts from Turnabout Patchwork.  The author blogs as  TeresaDownUnder at Sewn Up … you should check her out.
  2. Canadian Quilter’s Association is doing a 50 blocks in 50 weeks.  I hope to do a block a week … they’re 6 1/2″ big – so it shouldn’t be too bad, right?   #50blocks50weeks
  3. Keeping track of what fabric I’ve bought and what I’ve used will continue.

I probably have a zillion other things that are floating around in my mind, but nothing is coming to the surface at the moment.

SEW  – are you going to join me and others to accomplish your PHD in 2019?

I hope you do!

If you want to, I’ve got an Excel Workbook that you can use to keep track.  (You can use this whether you join us or not).

PHD Tally – with formulas

I’ll have a report on PHD in 2018 in the next few days.

Stash Report

I’ve been playing around, not sewing a lot … so no finishes to report.  What can I say?  I’m pleased that I used almost 300 yards of fabric.  And … if you were to look, that really didn’t put much of a dent in it!  (Yes, I have a big stash … hence my keeping track and trying not to buy anything).  My husband did buy quite a bit of fabric for me … and next year, I’m going to keep track of HIS purchases.  LOL!

  • Fabric Used this week: 0 yards
  • Fabric Used this year:   291.55  yards
  • Fabric Added this Week:   0 yards
  • Fabric Added this Year:   111.8 yards
  • Net Fabric Used for 2018: 179.75 yards

Happy Quilting!


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29 thoughts on “PHD in 2019

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    • Hi Frédérique,
      Good for you – only having 5 UFOs! I hope to be able to say the same in a couple of years!
      You can always join in the fun … show us your 5 UFOs and then make sure you finish all that you start in 2019! 🙂
      Happy Quilting! 🙂

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    • Hi Kate,
      I’m glad you’re joining for PHD in 2019! You might not have finished all the new quilts – but you made a great effort and got a lot of quilts done!
      Happy Quilting in 2019! 🙂


    • Hi Donna,
      Thank you!
      I agree about the older the UFO, the harder it is to get it done! But I have given some away and I’m determined to finish the ones I have left. (unless I change my mind and give more away!) 🙂
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


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  13. Looks like you are all set for the new year Gail! So organized…
    As I mentioned before, I wont be joining this year’s PHD challenge but I look forward to watching yours.
    I’m considering opting in to the 50/50 challenge but I wouldn’t want it to interfere with my challenge to myself to use up the fabric and scraps I have. We will see…

    And…maybe it’s time hubby started making quilts with some of his purchases?
    Happy New Year coz! Xxoo

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    • Thanks, Terry!
      I know you don’t have a ton of UFOs … YOU are the one that is smart and finishes what you start!
      Yes, the 50/50 challenge … I’m going to use my scraps for this … probably my blues … but I might venture into bags of other colours! Time will tell!
      Nope, I don’t want hubby to make quilts! I want him to finish my new quilting room! Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen soon. Sigh!
      Happy New Year to you, the kids and that sweet grandson of yours!
      And Happy Quilting! 🙂


      • Hmmm…what do you define as ‘scraps’? I don’t keep anything less than 2″ wide but have very limited supply of anything larger than 5″. If I sort by colours I wonder if I would have enough?
        Also..I hope you will be posting a summary of everyone in your 2018 challenge. I’d love to see how everyone did.

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      • Hi Terry,
        I don’t keep anything smaller than 2″ … I have bags of pieces … less than fat 1/4s … a bag of blue, a bag of green, a bag of red … and so on … There will be a summary post for PHD in 2018 in a couple of days.
        Happy Quilting! 🙂

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