PHD in 2019 November update

Baby Quilt Making Day

The Boundary Bay Quilt Guild gives numerous baby quilts away to various charities in the lower mainland.

The co-ordinators of the program had a Baby Quilt Making Day.  You come and make … guess what – a baby quilt!   There are kits you can choose from, tons of fabric to make up a kit of your own, or you can bring fabric from home.

I choose to make a quilt from my stash … I’m on a mission to decrease my stash – one yard at a time – so it was the obvious choice.

My only regret about baby quilt making day is that it was held on Nov. 30.  Which, according to my own rules for PHD in 2019, this quilt must be finished before Dec. 31 for me to recieve my own PHD in 2019!

Here’s a slide show of everyone at the Baby Quilt Making day:

Design Wall



Finish quilting Smith Mountain Morning


PHD in 2019:  Quilting UFOs and Finishing New Projects


I now have THREE little baby quilts to finish  (I had 2 last week!) and ONE UFO to finish … for my PHD in 2019

If you look closely at #30 of my starts in 2019, it says “snowman” and yes it’s finished … I’ll show you in the near future!

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 2.41.23 PM

Here’s the November Report for Participants

Kate @  Life in Pieces  is working hard on her PHD, but states that she won’t be able to achieve it this year.  That’s perfectly OK!!!  Many PhD students at universities around the globe often take extensions and finish it eventually.

Tish  @ Tish’s Adventures in Wonderland has been faithfully finishing all of her beautiful Island Batik challenges … and she hosts a linky party “UFO Busting,” so finishing UFOs is a focus for her!

Emily @ The Darling Dogwood   has also been finishing her Island Batik challenges.  She has an amazing “Octopus’s Garden” quilt that is worth going and taking a look at!

Deana @ Dream Worthy Quilts has a goal tracker on the right side bar. I don’t think it’s been updated recently.

Elizabeth @ Applique and … has been working on various projects, but I’m not sure if they are new starts or UFOs.  I’m sure she’ll update us soon!

Sharon @ Adventures in Fiber has not posted any quilty posts lately …


I like to make lists at the beginning of the week, but I’ll still link up to Roseanne & Sue’s Home Sewn by Us on Tuesday.

Last week’s list:

  1. Sandwich Smith Mountain Morning   √  done and quilting started
  2. Prep 2 blocks from 52 blocks in 52 weeks – week 45 – 46 xxx Week 45 is prepped, week 46 is not done.
  3. Sew 2 blocks from 52 blocks in 52 weeks – week 36-37 √  done 
  4. Finish 2 baby quilts (squirrels) xxx not done!

This week’s list:

  1.  Quilt Smith Mountain Morning – ½ hour / day
  2. Prep 2 blocks from 52 blocks in 52 weeks – week 46 & 47
  3. Sew 2 blocks from 52 blocks in 52 weeks – week 38 – 39
  4. Add borders to 3 baby quilts.

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting! 


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10 thoughts on “PHD in 2019 November update

  1. Love that baby quilt! But so funny that you are caught in your own rules! 🙂 I think I technically qualify by number of PhD finishes, I think, though I hope to have at least two more before 2019 ends. My sticking point is going to be that darn single block from the hand sewing QAL back in February! Still not sure what to do with it but hopefully I”ll figure out something. You’ve done great keeping up with everyone and I’m enjoying be a part of the PhD again this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Emily!
      Hey – you’re almost there with your PhD in 2019!!!
      I’m sure that you’ll come up with something for that single block. You could always put it in a frame, for now, and call it done! 🙂
      The idea of finishing what you start is to not add to the UFO list.
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing baby kit making day – was sorry to miss it as I had planned to try out the “slice and dice” you did at the retreat … next time … 😊

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    • Hi Rebecca,
      I thrive under pressure … those little quilts will get done, done, DONE!!! (as long as the world keeps on turning as it is and no emergency arises!)
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  3. Hi Gail! What a fun project from the Guild with making baby quilts. That is just the size I love to make the most. I enjoyed the slide show of everyone’s progress and results – it looks like everyone had a good time. You are rocking the PHD with only one UFO to finish this month, along with those baby quilts. I think you can easily accomplish that, especially if you are able to keep the squirrels at bay. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    • Hi Roseanne,
      Yes, it’s a fun little pattern. And makes a 40″ x 40″ quilt.
      Thank you for the encouragement with my PHD in 2019! Yes, it will happen, provided NO squirrels cross my path. Oh look, there’s another squirrel that is very very tempting! … 🙂
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


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