PHD in 2020 Mid May Report

I have another UFO finish!  This is the Scrappy 2″ 4 patch that I blogged about HERE.  for the Scrap Happy Blog Hop.  It got quilted and bound.  I had a TON of fun trying to come up with different motif’s for each square … some are definite “who knows” motifs (scribbles or motifs gone wrong) and others are recognizable! I even put a few words in as well. It’ll be fun to see if the recipient notices the words!


This is my 10th UFO for the year!! WooHoo!!!  I think staying at home has helped!  Although I do miss sewing with friends, visiting friends and just browsing and shopping for things I don’t need (and often don’t buy!)

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_37eaI did start the Ugly Fabric quilt following THIS VIDEO!  Once I decided that I WAS going to make it … it was quick to cut the squares and start sewing.  The hardest part was arranging the blocks so that similar fabrics did not touch.  It is waiting to be sandwiched and quilted.

I also started the “Cool to be Square” quilt … and I’m hoping it’ll be finished by Monday, when it’s my turn to participate in the blog hop!  You’ll just have to wait until then to see what I’m making!

The projects for the Island Batik “Ultimate Home Decor” blog hop were posted on Wednesday! You can read about them HERE.   If you go to the blog post – there is an opportunity for you to win some of the fabric that was used for the rug and valances!

PHD in 2020 – Linky party!

How are you doing with your UFOs?
Post a picture of your latest UFO finish.  And if you’re attempting your PHD in 2020, tell us about your progress!

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It’s Cool to Be Square

Its Cool To Be Square 300x300

This blog hop is starting on Monday … make sure you come back to see what I’ve made.  (And yes, there is a square or 2 in it!


I was Featured

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 2.16.44 PM

Wednesday Wait Loss featured this quilt/  You can read about it HERE.


One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting!  


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29 thoughts on “PHD in 2020 Mid May Report

  1. The scrappy four patch is so beautiful! I love scrappy quilts. Really like what you made for the Island Batik May challenge–wonderful! Thanks for sharing them on Wednesday Wait Loss. Be sure to drop by the blog tomorrow to link up this week.

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  2. Well done on your finish and all your great progress!! My lockdown time wasn’t as productive as yours – there was still plenty going on, on the farm…but I dohope to be able to join in next time with a finish or a nearly finish of one of my phd prjects!

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    • Thanks Raewyn!
      Yes, farm life is a busy life! Don’t worry about getting a lot done – just do what you can – no one expects more than that! And, if you happen to get a PhD or UFO project done – bonus!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


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  4. Love your scrappy 4-patch! Good thing I didn’t enroll to get my PhD. Not making much progress! My focus is all over the place. It’s more than just the quarantine…

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    • Hi Judy,
      It’s hard to do much of anything when your focus is scattered!
      Hopefully, soon, you can start to focus on the little things that need to get done! 🙂


  5. I really need to decide on a window dressing for my sewing room. I’ve been in there for a year and a half and still enjoy the bare window. But with summer coming the sun will need to be blocked in the afternoon to keep the heat down. Good joy on another UFO finish. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down last week.

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    • Hi Denise,
      The valances won’t block much sun … but I’m not to worried about it! My sewing room only gets the morning sun for a few months of the year … and I really enjoy it when the sun shines in!
      Thanks for hosting “Put your foot down!”


  6. Good job on another completed UFO!!!! I really like your window toppers too. Very pretty and perfect for your sewing space. And once again, thank you for hosting us on our ways to our PHDs!

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  7. Hi Gail! You are really rocking the UFOs this year. Only two more to complete your goal for the whole year. Woot woot! I’m looking forward to seeing your Square project. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    • Hi Roseanne,
      You’ll see my square project on Monday … still working on it … the binding would get done faster if I stayed off the computer! 🙂
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  8. Love this! You are almost at your PhD already!!! I finished a longstanding UFO on Wednesday, so I’m pretty pleased about that. It’s my Cool to be Square project, too 🙂

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    • YEAH for finishing a UFO and it doing double duty for Cool to be Square! That’s the way to do things!
      I still have to put binding on my “Cool” quilt … but that should be easy – right?
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


      • Gail, I hope your binding is easy! Mine is a queen sized so I was worried about getting it done in time. Washed it yesterday and tried to get photos today. It’s hard because it’s so big! Good luck getting your binding done!

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      • Hi Emily!
        I sew ALL of my bindings on by machine … so it’s usually quick!
        I use my clothes line with poles elevating the line to take pics of large quilts … it’s really hard otherwise!
        Good luck with your pics!

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      • My husband is going to rig something on our desk so I can hang quilts for photos, I think! I used clotheslines a lot when I first started blogging but it still didn’t work with big quilts.

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