A Funky Friend Finish on Friday …

Try saying “A Funky Friend Finish on Friday” three times fast and then one more time faster! Actually, don’t bother … your tongue will likely not get as twisted as mine.

But yes, I do have a finish … The pattern is “Ellie the Elephant” from Funky Friends Factory … isn’t she cute?

She was made with fabric from the “Deco Revival” Island Batik fabric collection. She was easy to make as the Funky Friends patterns are excellent!

Ellie will be residing my my sewing room. She is not fit for young children because I used button eyes. However, if you use the appropriate eyes, Ellie would be fine with the littles. (one day I will find the appropriate eyes for my stuffies!)

Here is Ellie, posing in front of the elephant quilt that I made. You can see more about this quilt on the post “Thread Painting with Aurifil.”

I just realized that I must LOVE the Deco Revival fabric collection: I’ve used in in 3 other projects … all that I LOVE. See HERE and HERE and HERE.

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting!    


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34 thoughts on “A Funky Friend Finish on Friday …

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  2. Ellie is adorable. I’ve got the hedgehog by Funky Friends Factory but haven’t tried working on it yet. Glad to hear that the directions are written well. Hopefully I won’t have any problems. Love Ellie posing in front of the elephant quilt. That is one spectacular quilt!!

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    • Hi Pamela!!!
      Embroidering or sewing felt eyes on is a fantastic idea! I know I looked for child safe eyes for a LONG time … and didn’t find any. But, Sewing them on will certainly solve the problem. But, then I couldn’t be greedy and keep them for myself! 🙂


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