Blustery Friday

The wind is blowing … a LOT!!! I’m glad that I took pictures of my finished quilt the other day!

This is the Echo Lake T-shirt quilt. There are lots of different T-shirts. Some are repeated, in different colours.

As I was working on this quilt, I was continually amazed at the work / service that each T-shirt represents. From the inception of the theme, creating the artistic logos … wow!!! Then there is the various speakers each summer that address the theme, the campers and leaders that listen, the music and songs, the people in charge of activities (archery, climbing wall, crafts, etc), the kitchen staff, the caretaker and grounds people. So many people!!! And there are people that attend the spring clean-up, those that generously donate time and/or money. And, not to forget those that don’t set a foot on the camp grounds, but pray for the campers and all the workers. And, I’ve probably left out many more people that are also involved!

Our 2 kids went to Echo Lake years ago. When they first started going, it was tents on wooden platforms. I remember the first year they build the cabins … there was open rafters … our son broke his arm swinging from them! Don’t ask … if you knew my son, you would totally understand this! Tons and tons of memories!!!

Anyhow, it was an honour to make this quilt / banner. It is HUGE … over 8′ wide and about 5.5 ‘ high. It is far from perfect! Nothing I make is ever close to perfect, but the T-shirt fabric added an extra challenge!

Here are some close-ups of some of the quilting:

Hobbs Fusible Cotton Batting, Aurifil Thread and Janome Blue Tip (ball point) needles were used.

This was a UFO that has been on my list for quite awhile!

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting!    


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34 thoughts on “Blustery Friday

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  3. I can almost sense your relief and your joy at getting this done! Awesome job. Such wonderful memories this represents. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

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  5. Hi Gail! Gosh, what a fabulous project. All those fabulous memories captured into one piece. It’s the kind of thing that you sit down and say, remember when we did this?! And that leads to another memory that is perhaps represented in another t-shirt. So great. Everyone who sees it at the Camp will cherish it! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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  6. Hi Gail, what a wonderful quilt full of memories. It sounds like a great place. I’m glad that I finally got to comment on your quilt – I’m usually too late – so for all of the times that I haven’t commented, a huge thank you for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks. Take care

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    • Thank you, Andrée! Echo Lake is a wonderful place!!!
      Don’t worry about not commenting when I link up … I know it’s hard to get around to everything!!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


    • Thanks, Kathleen. The camp is the recipient and it’s to hang in the dining hall or the chapel … or ??? I’m sure lots of people will remember when they wore “that” t-shirt … 🙂


  7. That is an amazing t shirt quilt! What a great job you did getting all those shirts to fit together. I’ve never tried a ball point needle while quilting a t shirt quilt. I might have to look into that.

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