Summer 2021 Mystery Quilt – Introduction

Have you ever done a mystery quilt? They can be a LOT of fun. Yes, they take you out of your comfort zone, mostly because you don’t know where you’re headed. But you end up with a quilt that is maybe something you would have choosen, maybe not … but it’s all fun!

This mystery has 10 clues. The clues will be announced each Tuesday and Saturday. There will be a linky party at the end where you can show everyone your quilt. (If you don’t have a blog or IG to link to, you can email me the picture and I’ll post it.)

This quilt is 44″ x 59″ with one border.

** WOF is Width of Fabric

Fabric Requirements

These amounts are pretty close to the exact amount you will need. Please add additional fabric if you “want to be sure” that you have enough.

Background / neutral      
2 ¾    yards 2.6 m
Focal Fabric
½ yard or more if fussy cutting 0.5 m  
Contrast #1
2/3  yard 0.6 m  
Contrast #2
1/3  yard 0.3 m  
Contrast #3
1/3  yard 0.3 m  

Fabrics used for Test Quilts

FabricWhat I usedWhat my quilt tester used
Backgroundsoft white off white
Focal Fabricdark floral mint with mauve
Contrast #1dark green2 different purples
Contrast #2tealsoft mauve
Contrast #3purplemauve


July 3 Cutting Instructions

July 6 Clue #1

July 10 Clue #2

July 13 Clue #3

July 17 Clue #4

July 20 Clue #5

July 24 Clue #6

July 27 Clue #7

July 31 Clue #8

August 3 Clue #9

August 7 Clue #10

Linky Party: August 24

PDF document

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting!    

21 thoughts on “Summer 2021 Mystery Quilt – Introduction

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  4. Thanks for offering a free mystery quilt. I’ll keep an eye on this and see what some of the blocks look like. I like to download the parts and if I like the quilt, I’ll usually make it at the end after I know if I like it. LOL

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  7. Hi Gail – I tried to post a comment – it says I already made that comment – anyways I can’t resist your new “mystery” quilt but it’s not getting my UFO’s done .. hope you are enjoying this hot weather – j

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  8. I haven’t done a mystery quilt in a long time. This sounds like fun but I am exercising restraint because I have so many other deadlines at the moment. I will have to enjoy watching what other are making. It’s always interesting to see the different fabric choices.


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