Retreat? Oh yes!!!

I’m getting ready to head off to a retreat!  Oh – how I love retreats!  At this retreat – we don’t have to cook!  Bonus!  And I won’t have my lovely husband asking, “what’s for dinner tonight?”  And, I won’t have to answer with, “I don’t know!”  It’s amazing how often we have “I don’t know” for supper!
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Anyhow … since I had my embroidery machine up and running, I did up a few labels (one for the scrappy blue quilt – below – that I’m hoping to get quilted at the retreat)   Now, you don’t need to email me and tell me that a couple of the labels have 2019 on them!  I did that on purpose.  See the top label with 2019? Well, when I pulled out the bin with the UFO that the label will go on, I discovered a label that I made for this quilt that said, “2015!!!”  I often joke that the quilt is not necessarily finished in the year that the label is made.  However, I figured that 3 or 4 years beyond the date is a little too long.  And, 2 of the quilts belonging to 2 of the labels are not in my plan to be finished by the end of the year. (That is, unless I change my mind – which could happen!)

Sew, as I was cutting the batting to length to sandwich the 4 quilts that the labels will go with, I noticed that 3 of the quilts were EXACTLY the same pattern.  Yes, it’s a pattern that I wrote and I remember making each quilt, but I sort of find it ironic that they are all getting sandwiched on the same day! Two are scrappy and one is a 2 fabric quilt.

When I wrote the pattern, I made a quilt for my Uncle Ivan.  Sew, I called the pattern “Ivan’s Diamonds.” Fitting, eh?


Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 3.57.11 PM

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 3.11.20 PMSummary: I still have 4 quilts to finish for my PHD in 2018.  I did make a gift for the retreat – that was added to my “Starts in 2018” and I’ve also added a Baby Quilt – that needs to be done SOON!!!  I’m hoping to work on it at the retreat!

Stash Report

IMG_2508Fire burst is done … that used up 11 yards … You can see the post about this quilt HERE.

  • Fabric Used this week:  0 yards
  • Fabric Used this year:    238.35 yards
  • Fabric Added this Week:  0 yard
  • Fabric Added this Year:  77.3  yards
  • Net Fabric Used for 2018: 161.05 yards 


Well, it’s late here … 1100 pm and I still have packing to do to get ready for the retreat!  I’ll tell you all about it when I’m back home!

Happy Quilting!


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14 thoughts on “Retreat? Oh yes!!!

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  3. How fabulous it would be to get 3 quilts quilted at retreat! They look terrific. I’m in awe of you getting 24 UFOs done this year. Wow. I keep starting (and finishing some) quilts but always seem to end up with more started than finished. Sigh. Must work on finishing more next year she said dramatically with her arm over her eyes….

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    • Hi Bonnie,
      I’m not taking all 3 to the retreat … one for sure, maybe 2.

      Ah, you dramatic girl, you can join in our PDH in 2019 … you choose 12-20 UFOs that you want to complete and you finish all your 2019 starts (except for Sept – Aug BOMs or Bonnie Hunter’s mystery or ???). It certainly has helped to NOT add to the UFO list!

      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  4. Hi Gail! That is so ironic that those quilts would all be sandwiched at the same time. I just love the center picture, where you can really see the diamonds! I’ll bet Uncle Ivan was pleased to have a quilt and a pattern named after him. Where does one get this pattern that you wrote? One might be interested in making it . . . just saying. Have a fabulous time at retreat!! Happy Monday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


    • Hi Wendy,

      You know … when we lived in the middle of the jungle, I had a monthly menu plan and I stuck to it. At the time, I vowed that I would continue the practice once I returned to Canada … that was over 20 years ago and as you can tell, that has never happened!

      Happy Quilting! 🙂

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