A Super Fun Class

It was super fun, mostly because I came home with a FINISHED project!!!

We had homework to do before the class … the homework took a LOT of time … like hours and hours and hours …  We had all bought the pattern prior to the class, sew we knew what to do for homework … the pattern is “Jelly Roll Rug Pattern” by Roma Lamson for R.J. Designs …

I already showed you my pile of 2 ½” strips and the start of the rope we had to make.  Our teacher, Dawn,  had 2 beautiful rugs done and now that I’m home, I realized that I forgot to take pictures of them!!!  groan!!!



My strips were cut from my stash of mostly Kansas Troubles fabric.   I told one lady that I have STABLE.  She looked at me weird … then I explained it meant STash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy!  Then she laughed!   And the batting was all Hobbs 80/20 leftovers from the sides of quilts that I have made.  Dawn suggested cutting them 2 ¼” wide … which made it WAY easier than the strips that were 2 ½” wide!  (Hmmm, maybe, just maybe, I had a whole wack of strips that were cut at 2 ½” and I didn’t take the time to cut them down to 2 ¼” …)

Here is my finished Jelly Roll Rug.

Jelly Roll Rug

There are a few things that I would do differently, but I’m liking it as it is.  Dawn, as usual was FULL of very helpful hints and tips!  It made the process SEW much easier!

Here is a slide show of all of the rugs in progress or finished at the class …  I hope you enjoy seeing all of them!

Disclaimer: Each person gave me permission to take the photo of their original creations and to post it on the blog.

fullsizeoutput_a03.jpegAnd here is a picture of the rug in our living room.  It goes well, doesn’t it?









Tips on Making a Jelly Roll Rug

These tips were mostly from Dawn … a few from the participants …

  • cut batting into 2 1/4″ strips
  • just use a dollar store glue stick to join batting – no need to use the fusible tape and the extra bulk is not a big deal (you actually can’t tell when its sewn in)
  • When making the rope, use hair clips or wonder clips to get started – once you get the hang of it, just estimate the middle and do it without the clips (much faster)
  • no need to wind the coil into a ball … just put it into a large bag or tote
  • on the curved ends – especially with the first few curves … mush it in … it’s ok if there are pleats on the outside rope … (think about how the inside curve is shorter than the outside curve)
  • on the straight sections, pull the outside a little tighter … that’ll help it from waving
  • a walking foot is good
  • some like to use a “stitch in the ditch” foot
  • you do not need to press with every single round
  • if it’s looking wavy … give it a good press with steam and Best Press … if it’s still wavy – take it out to where it isn’t wavy and re-sew.
  • Steam takes out a lot of minor waves.
A lot of tips – in the end – you need to do what works for you!  It’ll be fun to see your rug!

Design Wall


The Carpenter’s Wheel just needs to be trimmed and binding added.




I’m still piecing Good Fortune together:

Stash Report

The jelly roll rug came from my stash … and it used over 3 yards of fabric …

* Fabric Used this week: 0 yards
* Fabric Used this year: 29.6 yards purple shells 7.4  / black teal shells 7.4 / mini 1.5 / Ivan’s Diamonds 10. 9 / jelly roll rug
* Fabric Bought this Week:   0 yards
* Fabric Added this Year: 42.3 yards
* Net Fabric Used for 2019: -12.7 yards
* Husband’s purchases 6.5 yards

Stitchin’ Time

  • January:  16 out of 20
  • February: 24 out of 24   …
  • Year-to-date: 40 out of 44 = 90%

For more Stitchin’ Time, you can check out Kate’s blog: Life in Pieces

PHD in 2019:  Quilting UFOs and Finishing New Projects


If you want more information on the PHD in 2019, you can check it out HERE!

The jelly roll rug was started and finished this week.  It’s nice that it’s not needing to be finished!

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 11.00.28 AM

Happy Quilting! 


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  2. It’s nice to end a class with a finished project. Your rug turned out beautifully. Congrats on the stash reduction and on finding time to stitch this last week. Both are challenging some weeks. Happy stitching this week.

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  3. Hi Gail! This rug turned out just great. How nice to have a finished project at the end of the class. It doesn’t turn into an UFO that way! It sure looks nice and cozy next to the fire and in front of the rocking chair. I wouldn’t mind sitting there right now to warm up – it is COLD here today. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    • Hi Roseanne,
      Thank you! I love finishing projects!!!
      You’re welcome to come and sit by our fire! It’s cold here as well, for here! And the wind is blowing – which makes it MUCH colder! As you know … likely more than I know! 🙂
      Happy Quilting! 🙂

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    • Hi Donna,
      I absolutely LOVE how things look so very different with different fabrics!
      And yes, it did take a lot of fabric … and a lot of left over batting scraps!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


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    • Hi Wendy,
      The process is pretty simple, but one of the ladies kept curving hers up … or down … she jokingly said that she was making a bowl. 🙂
      However, the tips are invaluable! I don’t think I could have done it on my own!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂

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