Webbing a Quilt

In the spring, at our guild, I demo’d how to web a quilt. They asked me to provide written instructions. Well, that proved extremely difficult for me. SEW … as I was webbing my demo quilt for the Baby Quilt Marathon, I decided to do a video. You can see it on YouTube HERE.  The quilt in the video is below.


This quilt was started, a while ago … I don’t remember when.  The blocks of the star were from the guild baby quilt fabric … I think this fabric is from around 30 years ago, or more.  I had something similar when m kids were little (and they are in their late 30’s).  

My cousin convinced me to try feathers … she showed me & my sister sent me this Youtube video “Quilting Feathers – As easy as ABC.”   

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 8.14.17 PMI’ve completed my 26 marathon hours … but I’ll give a full report on Monday – when the marathon is officially over!   A few people have linked up … go to this blog post, scroll down, and check out the links (they are on a separate page).

Happy Quilting! 


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    • Hi Jennifer!
      Thank you! Webbing can be used for blocks as well as whole quilts. If you’re organized, you can even add sashing an cornerstones into the webbing!
      Thank you for hosting Wenesday Wait Loss!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  2. Hi Gail! Two wonderful videos you have shared with us today. It’s so funny – had you not shared the link yourself, I still would have known that was you. You write very much like you speak and I had the mental picture of you in my mind. How cool when they actually match up – sometimes I’m way, WAY off. Love the baby quilt you just finished and the quilting looks fabulous. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    • Thank you, Roseanne! I’m glad that I fit the image of what you had in your mind! I find it facinating to see videos of others that I know on-line! It gives me a bigger glimpse into their personalities! (HINT HINT!!!) Terry encouraged me with the quilting … and the whole time I kept thinking, bird – around the sun ,,, bird around the sun … repeat, repeat! Happy Quilting! And I hope you give those feathers a try! 🙂

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      • You can HINT HINT all you want but it’s not happening. HAHA! I do the exact same thing as the bird-around-the-sun-trick when I’m doing certain quilting patterns. ~smile~

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  3. That is a great instruction video Gail. Being quite dangerous with pins I would be a bloody mess if I even thought about trying it. Last night I ripped a finger open with a heavy gauge pin while rotary cutting new leaders for my longarm. I used to say if it didn’t have at least one drop of blood on it I didn’t make it, that was before I discovered Elmers glue.

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    • Hi Denise!
      Thank you!
      Hey – instead of pins, you could use clover clips – or hair clips – anything that holds it together so it doesn’t get tangled.
      Elmer’s glue is my friend as well!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂

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