Pleasant Surprise!

You know what? Years after you have gifted a baby quilt, it’s lovely to see it actually being used! This was a quilt made with left-over blocks from watching an Eleanor Burns video around 2017. This quilt was gifted to my daughter’s co-worker and they recently sent her this picture! I don’t know about you, but knowing that my quilts are being used makes my heart smile!

Here’s the original quilt … it looks like I did a diagonal serpentine stitch with the walking foot.

Blue Mountain Quilt Guild

Just a shout out! Thank you for having me as your speaker last week! I thoroughly enjoyed your show and tell! And it was fun to show some of my quilts and answer all your questions!

Week 2 of Island Batik “Quilt Modern” Blog Hop

First, here are the blogs to visit this week and at the end is the link for your opportunity to win fabric!

May 10:

May 11:

May 12:

May 13:

This week you will have the opportunity to win one of the pre-cuts from Glacier Bay. Click on the link below!

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Design Wall


#1  Follow your own path:  

3 sets of arrows are made!

#2 Thailand Batiks:

I have pieced these together now … they are waiting to be sandwiched.


#1 Speed Dating still needs a facing. “Story-less Improv.”

#2 Born to Be Wild (blog hop later this month) is being quilted and it’s taking forever!!!

Stash Report

Nothing finished … so nothing to add to Fabric Used … and no shopping … so nothing to add to Fabric Bought this week.

  • Fabric Used this week     0   yards
  • Fabric Used this year:       42 yards
  • Fabric Bought this week:  0  yards
  • Fabric Added this year:      9 yards  (my husbands amounts as well)
  • Net Fabric used                  33 yards 
  • Husband’s purchases:  0 yards (which are added into my total amount of Fabric added this year). For those of you who don’t know … my husband often buys more fabric than I do … so, I’m keeping track! Unfortunately, he doesn’t sew!

Stitchin’ Time

I’m aiming for at least 30 minutes a day.

I have stitched for over 30 minutes each day

  • January – April–  120 / 120
  • May: 9 / 9
  • Percentage = 100 % 

For more Stitchin’ Time, you can check out Kate’s blog: Life in Pieces


Chris from ChrisKnits is hosting it “To Do” every week. You can check out her blog HERE.

Last week:

Again, I did not focus on my “To Do” list … but a couple of things got done.

  1.  Follow Your Own Path: work on next step √   done
  2. Thailand Batiks: finish top √   done
  3. Healthcare Hero’s Mystery: Make backing not done
  4. Speed Dating: Add facing not done
  5. Do NOT be distracted by any SQUIRRELS!   √   done
  6. Tidy & clean studio for 30 minutes   √   done    

This week’s list:

  1.  Follow Your Own Path: work on next step
  2. Thailand Batiks:  Sandwich top
  3. Healthcare Hero’s Mystery: Make backing
  4. Speed Dating: Add facing
  5. Do NOT be distracted by any SQUIRRELS! I NEED this continual reminder! 
  6. Tidy & clean studio for 30 minutes

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting!    

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21 thoughts on “Pleasant Surprise!

  1. It is nice to see a quilt in use. The SIT brought home her chemistry quilt to be washed, she still loves it and uses it on her bed. Congrats on all the stitching time. Hope last week and this week are as good.

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  2. I so agree – it is so nice to see that a baby quilt has been used and appreciated. Thanks for linking with Design Wall Mondays, Judy


  3. I agree – it’s so heart warming to see my quilts being used and loved. At a graduation party this weekend a young HS grad brought her baby quilt to show my sister-in-law (who made it 18 years ago). It’s ragged and faded, but when my SIL offered to put new binding on it, the young girl looked horrified. She said NO, I love it just the way it is. The girl plans to take it to college just like that. I guess she keeps it under her pillow all the time. Isn’t that wonderful?

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  4. Hi Gail! I absolutely agree with you! There’s nothing better than seeing a quilt you’ve made being used, unless it is all worn out from use – that’s even better. What a sweet baby quilt and how nice that they shared a photo with you. I hope you enjoyed a happy Mother’s Day. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  5. Fun to see that baby quilt, Gail. I agree that it is such fun to see quilts we make being used and loved. And I always enjoy a peek at Speed Dating 🙂 the name makes me chuckle, just a bit.

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    • Ah, speed dating! The class is called that because you learn 8 different improv techniques in 6 hours … speedy! :- I think Krista H had a fantastic idea when she called her class Speed Dating! 🙂

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  6. It is great to see things you have made being used. Of course sometimes I forget that I made it. Ha ha. I looked at a “pretty” and then realized “Oh, I made that.”

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    • I know Gene! That’s happened to me, too. One other thing is when you see something that was made in a class you taught and think, “This looks familiar!” 🙂


  7. My best tip for caring for a quilt is to keep it out of sunlight. Those UV rays can do some serious damage.


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