Summer 2021 Mystery Quilt: Clue #10

Clue # 10a

Arrange blocks as shown below.  Ensure that Contrast #2 goes in one direction and Contrast #3 goes in the opposite direction when matching seams.

Web quilt together.  If you don’t know how to web a quilt, see my tutorial HERE.

Clue # 10b

Add  Borders to the quilt.  For a quick easy way to add borders, see my tutorial

And here’s my pattern tester’s quilt! Thanks, Barb! Same quilt, different fabrics. Different fabrics make for a very different looking quilt!

Watch for the Linky party on August 24-30 and show us your quilt top. If you can’t manage to link up – email me your picture and I’ll put it on the blog!

I hope you enjoyed this mystery!



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Linky Party: August 24

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting!    

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